integrates seamlessly with Salesforce for unlimited customization and business intelligence

When implementing AI, system integration can be a huge setback that companies are not prepared for. With, combining AI and data enrichment with Salesforce has never been easier, faster, or smarter.

Powered by conversational AI and human concierge, Verse is an SMS-based lead engagement and qualification platform that helps companies have better conversations with prospects.

With Verse, companies can seamlessly integrate the data and workflows from qualifying SMS conversation summaries with Salesforce. Verse offers extremely fast go-live and simple testing that includes quality assurance and monitoring.

Verse uses a simple and effortless integration process leveraging Zapier as a medium, which makes integrating with Salesforce and many other CRMs very easy to build and maintain. After a brief call with Verse’s dedicated implementation team, they’re able to build integrations within hours depending on complexity.

Each integration is tailored to the individual customer’s needs and expectations—with virtually no development time from the customer required. Because Verse employs a dedicated implementation team, everything is monitored constantly to ensure expected performance.

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As Verse is a SMS-based lead generation, engagement, and qualification platform, they offer an unlimited amount of dynamic fields that can be customized to customers’ business needs.

“Because CRMs such as Salesforce have a lot of customization, it’s like a ‘wave a magic wand’ moment when you ask a customer what they want. We can do it all.” – Matthew White, a Senior Product Manager at Verse.

Because Verse’s AI is programmed to ask specific qualifying questions, Verse is capable of extensive and compliant information gathering, which automatically enriches Salesforce records.

Verse is capable of tracking reasons why leads are unqualified, including leads that request to be contacted again at a later date.

Duplicate records are a constant source of not only annoyance, but data issues within Salesforce. Because Verse uses unique lead record ID numbers to sync with Salesforce, Verse does not create duplicates, instead storing the ID and updating that specific record if it already exists. When both the client’s sales team and Verse’s AI contact the lead, Verse can create triggers based on clients’ requests. For example, if the client converts the lead first, they can end Verse’s engagement by simply updating the record in Salesforce.

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