diDNA Beats Revenue Expectations for 2021; Innovations in Ad Tech Contribute to Increased 2022 Targets

Company expects strong ad tech market demand to drive further growth in 2022 following a 210% increase in year-over-year gross revenues from 2020-2021

diDNA, a Google MCM partner and leading advertising technology provider that maximizes revenue for advertisers, publishers, and brands, announced that it exceeded internal growth expectations in 2021. Revenues grew 210% year-over-year and have been adjusted upwards for 2022 as a result. This accomplishment is largely driven by increased momentum in the sales and marketing department yielding over 334% growth in new properties, product-side tech improvements contributing to notable growth in customer revenue, and the addition of several critical strategic partnerships leading to expanded market share.

Deke Hooper, diDNA CEO, stated “These are fantastic results for diDNA and it validates our position in the market as a solution that helps publishers connect with industry-best ad tech to increase revenue. If there’s a company building an advertising tool that can help drive ROI, we want to work with them. Additionally, if our customers identify a need that can’t be served by existing tech, we’ll build that tech ourselves to expand our platform. Our long-term goal is to be the one-stop shop for any publisher or technology vendor seeking solutions to increase ad revenue.”

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Strong performance in 2021 can be attributed to the following:

  • Domain expansion: diDNA code was deployed across more than 50,000 websites, CTV applications and mobile applications.
  • Technology improvements: 37 significant technology releases within our client-facing UI Utility and Portal tools generated exponential growth in existing customer revenues.
    • UI Utility release notes:
      • Dynamic Auction Management for machine learning
      • Advanced front-end caching to maximize auction performance
      • No code, In-content visual ad placement management
      • Advanced key/values audience targeting
      • Google Encrypted signals beta for first-party data matching of consumers<>publishers in the bidstream without cookies
      • Postbid toggle option to bypass underperforming header bidding
      • Refresh logic optimization for higher viewability and CPM
      • Connection to high performing Amazon A9 exchange
    • New diDNA Portal features:
      • Config editor improvements and additions
      • Operational UX improvements for more control over account optimization
      • Strategic Partner implementation system
      • Alias backend re-architecture to support multi-tenant customers
      • Tooltip pop-overs for configuration function description
      • Customer message banner system
  • Strategic partnerships: The expansion of the diDNA strategic partnership program provided access to sizeable new revenue streams. New partnerships included PubMatic, Aniview, and EX.CO. Existing partnerships with companies such as Confiant and InfoLinks also contributed to growth in 2021.
  • Sales and marketing investment:Increases in qualified leads from sales and marketing leading to 60% growth in total impression volume and 334% growth in new properties in 2021.

diDNA expects to more than double revenue in 2022. To hit this target, the diDNA team will focus on the expansion of video and connected TV (CTV), a data-driven project board leading to new diDNA tech products, and hitting adjusted targets for the sales and marketing team.

“‘Lead with data’ is our mantra in 2022”, said Troy Bubley, diDNA President. “We want to increase transparency in the ad industry by providing high-quality data coupled with UI improvements that will ultimately empower publishers to invest more in their monetization program. Data-driven decision making will fuel productivity improvements, better sales and marketing programs, and systems optimization, resulting in growth across the entire organization this year.”

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