Postalytics Celebrates New Adobe Marketo Engage Integration at Adobe Summit

MarTech Leaders Partner to Advance Direct Mail Automation Postalytics, the leading direct mail automation platform, is pleased to announce the introduction of new premium integration features for Adobe Marketo Engage, the world’s leading marketing automation platform. This new integration will enable Marketo customers to deploy highly automated, personalized direct mail to boost marketing ROI in several ways, including:

  • Deployment of automated direct mail into omnichannel marketing campaigns as a physical touchpoint, with personalization driven from Marketo Engage
  • Targeting email non-responders and unsubscribers with automated direct mail from Marketo Smart Campaign Flows
  • Capturing Postalytics direct mail delivery and QR Code response events to drive additional Smart Campaign Flows and for attribution modeling
  • And more.

Additionally, Postalytics is pleased to announce that it has joined the Adobe Technology Partner Program, and will be listing the Marketo integration in the Adobe Experience Cloud marketplace.

Direct mail marketing is experiencing a renaissance as new technologies are enabling deep integration with marketing automation platforms and high ROI use cases. The Postalytics-Marketo Integration is an excellent foundation for marketers and agencies to merge personalized, targeted direct mail with their email and digital marketing strategies.

According to Postalytics CEO, Dennis Kelly, “The Adobe Marketo Engage integration empowers Marketo marketers and agency partners to develop truly integrated omnichannel direct mail campaigns, in a fraction of the time and cost of legacy technologies. Now, Marketo customers can deploy fully automated direct mail that works hand in hand with their email, SMS, and digital marketing campaigns”.

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Deep Marketo Integration Drives Powerful New Direct Mail Usage

With the Postalytics-Marketo Integration, marketers can configure Smart Campaigns in Marketo that seamlessly access Marketo Leads data to drive direct mail into standalone and omnichannel campaigns. Data-driven segmentation and personalization tools enable direct mail postcards, letters, and self-mailers to be sent to leads at critical times in the customer journey, cutting through the noise of email and digital marketing channels.

With seamless access to Marketo Smart Campaign Lists & Flows, Postalytics can now trigger customized direct mail based on events such as email non-opens, website visits, approaching subscription-renewal dates, and more. Furthermore, the triggers can account for buying history, previous responses to offers, or any other customer engagement that will aid in personalizing future marketing communications.

One of the most extraordinary features of the Postalytics-Marketo Integration is the actionable insight it provides about each direct mail piece. Common information like status updates on mail-in-transit and returned mail are standard. Marketers can also capture data about when mail recipients scan personal QR Codes and visit URLs (pURLs) and take action. This valuable information is now accessible right in Marketo–enabling marketers to complement their direct mail with digital messaging to offer reinforcement, fulfillment, and follow-up.

The Postalytics-Marketo Integration allows marketers to leverage direct mail the same as they do with digital marketing, by providing a seamless way to use a wide range of data. This allows for targeted and personalized direct mail campaigns that mirror the precision of digital marketing strategies–along with the tracking and analytics modern marketers demand.


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