Quadient Launches New Cloud-Based Application to Empower Small Businesses in their Mail Management Processes

Quadient, a global automation platform powering secure and sustainable business connections, announced the launch of Secure Barcode, a cloud-based application designed to enhance the security of customer physical communications through seamless barcode generation and insertion into documents. This innovative solution is tailored for small businesses that are beginning their journey into digital mail solutions, providing immediate benefits in document management and operational efficiency.

“Secure Barcode illustrates Quadient’s commitment to supporting small businesses in their digital transition,” said Alain Fairise, Chief Solution Officer for Mail Automation at Quadient. “Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that enhances document integrity and compliance, making it easier for businesses to manage their mail processes. We see Secure Barcode as the first step in helping our customers embrace digital solutions, unlocking new opportunities for efficiency and growth. As their needs evolve toward more digitalized processes and interactions, in response to new customer demands and market regulations, Quadient stands ready with a comprehensive range of cloud-based document and communication management applications. We remain dedicated to supporting our customers’ evolving needs and helping them thrive in a competitive landscape.”

Secure Barcode is designed to address the needs of businesses dealing with documents of varying page lengths. The application offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to upload files and automatically insert barcodes without requiring specialized technical skills. Leveraging QR code technology, Secure Barcode accurately identifies page numbers and extracts relevant information to streamline document processing. Output files are generated efficiently, ready for printing, folding and insertion. And thanks to the hot folder plugin feature, users can simply drag and drop job files into Secure Barcode, to effortlessly incorporate barcodes into files in seconds.

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Quadient serves every business with the same commitment to innovation and excellence, providing intuitive tools that help them easily and effectively manage their documents and communications. Available as a subscription service, Secure Barcode provides an affordable solution for small businesses to enhance their mail processing efficiency and accuracy. The solution is already available in France, Canada and Benelux, with new countries to be launched in the coming weeks.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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