Square Loyalty and Square Marketing Launch for Irish Businesses

Square Marketing and Square Loyalty are the latest products to expand Square’s connected ecosystem in Ireland

Square has announced two new products in Ireland to help businesses grow their sales and engage their customers with just a few clicks. The two pieces of software, Square Marketing and Square Loyalty, are now available as separate subscriptions for Irish businesses of all types and sizes.

“We’re coming up to one year since launching in Ireland and have seen great demand for products like Square Loyalty and Square Marketing from our sellers – we’re delighted to be launching them into such an innovative and entrepreneurial market.”

Square Marketing helps businesses reach customers at the right time and all in one place. The tool allows businesses to create, send, and track email marketing campaigns in minutes – from one-time email campaigns to personalised automations – expanding customer reach and helping sellers gain key business insights with analytics.

Businesses can now also build a loyalty program in minutes with the launch of Square Loyalty. This new to market tool can help turn one-time visitors into regulars and increase repeat visits. It’s easy to set up a customised loyalty program that rewards customers both in-store and online.

“Square Loyalty has allowed us to introduce a new way of turning one-time-visits into repeat customers,” said Jonathan Hughes, Founder of Shoe Lane Coffee – one of the first businesses to use Square Loyalty in Ireland. “As the tool works both in-store and online, our customers have the flexibility to redeem their points any way that suits them, with the process being straight-forward and streamlined for us at the same time. We’re now looking to roll out Square Loyalty across all three of our coffee shops, meaning our customers have the choice of where they want to spend and collect their points.”

This double-product launch aims to further level the playing field for businesses, as it provides all sellers with easy-to-use, powerful marketing tools that have typically only been accessible to big businesses. Along with Square products already available to Irish sellers like Square Point of Sale, Square Online, and Digital Gift Cards, Square provides a whole suite of customer capability products that enable sellers to manage the entire consumer lifecycle in one place.

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“Square is helping its sellers bring more value to their customers by expanding the ecosystem of products and services in Ireland,” said Saumil Mehta, General Manager of Customers and Square Point of Sale. “Sellers are increasingly turning to Square as the one-stop-shop to run every part of their business, from payments and online commerce to inventory, team management, loyalty programs and more. We’re excited to help sellers run and grow their business with the addition of these new tools that enable them to retain and re-engage their customers.

Data from Square’s email marketing platform shows a 25% average increase in spend by customers who redeem email coupons. Square Marketing key features include:

  • Drive buyer engagement & ROI– Square Marketing offers businesses a powerful tool to help grow their customer base, drive repeat visits, and increase buyer spend.
  • Plan ahead, automate, and send –Businesses can schedule or immediately send emails to customers by leveraging Square Marketing’s automation capabilities, saving them time and effort.
  • Measure campaign results – Real-time tracking is available in the Square Marketing Dashboard around active campaigns, open and click through rates, as well as attributable sales.

Square’s global data shows that customers who enroll in a Square Loyalty rewards programme are twice as likely to be repeat customersKey features include:

  • Drive visits and sales – Businesses can encourage repeat customers through the implementation of a loyalty program.
  • Omnichannel integration – Square Loyalty is built into businesses point-of-sale and website meaning businesses can reward customers wherever they choose to purchase, whether that’s in-store or online.

“It’s been a challenging couple of years for businesses and it’s more important than ever for sellers to stand out from competitors and see the impact on their business,” said Stephen Smythe, Head of EU Marketing at Square. “We’re coming up to one year since launching in Ireland and have seen great demand for products like Square Loyalty and Square Marketing from our sellers – we’re delighted to be launching them into such an innovative and entrepreneurial market.”

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