MCMK Defines 10 Variables of Agile Marketing as a Service in New Book


“Agile Hypergrowth Marketing as a Service (MaaS)” outlines repeatable and scalable strategies for B2B startups and scaleups

To provide guidance to business-to-business startups and small enterprises, MCMK, a global agile marketing agency for B2B information and technology startups and enterprises, announced its book, Agile Hypergrowth Marketing as a Service (MaaS): Executing the 10 Ps of Agile MaaS, which will be available on Amazon on February 16, 2022.

Written by B2B marketing veteran Melroy Coelho, Agile Hypergrowth MaaS is a workbook for organizations that want to implement budget-conscious, strategic marketing campaigns while still in the startup phase. Overarching themes of the book:

Define Marketing as a Methodology
Marketing is not just an art, it is a repeatable, methodical process of growth experiments akin to scientific research and development MCMK developed an agile hypergrowth framework that increases productivity and provides transparency into project progress by prioritizing marketing according to ten agile marketing variables. These variables, the ten Ps, defined in the book explain how each fits into MCMK’s agile methodology.

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Bring Agile Workflows to Your Team
Agile marketing methodologies and workflows don’t stifle creativity, rather they bring fresh perspectives and drive movement. From project sprints to SCRUM meetings, Agile Hypergrowth MaaS outlines best practices to keep momentum moving forward with a proven marketing project management structure.

Emphasis on Projects and Pipeline to Drive Performance
The traditional start-up phase of a campaign — obtaining the right people and partners, establishing processes and implementing playbooks — all flow into how well a company can drive projects and manage their marketing pipeline. Each of these variables have an impact on performance. MCMK builds upon an organization’s strategic planning and tactical execution to help them achieve their marketing and business development goals.

“Defining a go-to-market strategy, developing content, and building a demand generation engine are crucial for every business, regardless of size,” said MCMK Founder & Vice President of Marketing Melroy Coelho. “Especially for startups, it’s not realistic to have a full-time marketing team on staff in the first few years. Project-based goals are not only cost effective, but they also drive measurable results to scale your business.”

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