Meltwater launches AI Ethical Principles: Paving the path ahead for AI Safety

Meltwater, a leading global provider of social, media and consumer intelligence, announces the launch of its new AI Ethical Principles which guide the company’s AI innovation and ensure a commitment to AI safety, transparency, and accountability within the organization and the broader industry.

While AI technology brings unprecedented opportunities, it also poses significant safety concerns that must be addressed to ensure its reliable and equitable use. As Meltwater continues to make significant investments into its cutting-edge AI and machine learning engine, the company also recognizes its pivotal responsibility in shaping the future of AI and tackling AI safety challenges in order to contribute to the responsible advancement of this transformative technology.

“AI continues to change the way we work every day, and with rapid innovations and shifts in these technologies it is imperative that those developing AI technologies are dedicated to safety, transparency, and accountability. Our commitment to our customers – to deliver solutions that help them harness the full power of the internet and understand and analyze billions of new conversations happening every day – also means we have a commitment to responsibly develop our technologies in ways that benefit society as a whole and keep safety, privacy, and security at the forefront,” said Aditya Jami, CTO of Meltwater.

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The new Meltwater Ethical AI Principles are inspired by the ethical guidelines from industry leaders such as Google and the OECD and serve as a foundation for how Meltwater conducts research and development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. They underscore the company’s commitment to ethical AI practices, in order to ensure these systems are reliable, ethical and beneficial to all, and aligned with Meltwater’s deeply held corporate values.

The Meltwater Ethical AI principles are:

  • Benefit society whenever opportunities arise in inclusive and sustainable ways.
  • Bias and drifts are defects. They fail the business and our customers.
  • Safety, privacy, and security as first-class citizens.
  • Trace everything and be accountable. Transparency is key.
  • We are scientists and engineers; everything must be proven and tested.
  • Use open source whenever possible; vet everything else and assume it is unsafe.

SOURCE : GlobeNewswire

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