Omnichannel Marketing Leader Skai Announces Winners of Its 2022 ShopAble Media Awards

These awards recognize brands and agencies for executing high-performing digital campaigns via Skai’s solutions

Skai just announced the winners of its ShopAble Media Awards, which honor consumer goods and retail brands and agencies for their use of Skai solutions in executing high-performing campaigns and delivering exceptional business results. Formerly known as the Marketing Excellence Awards, in 2022, Skai received more entries than ever from across the globe, illustrating the true excellence in performance of these winners.

Shoppability is the power to convert consumer demand to an immediate purchase and in recent years, has become the holy grail for marketers. Retail media advertising spend hit $30 billion in 2021, and new shoppable ad formats are soaring in popularity – promising direct consumer relationships with a straight line to sales. Winners of Skai’s 2022 ShopAble Media Awards spearheaded campaigns that played directly into this industry movement and garnered significant results utilizing Skai solutions.

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Here are the 2022 winners:

  • Stella Rising and Bondi Sands won in the Amazon Ads category for their ability to bring DSP and Sponsored Ads together in one platform through Skai, optimizing performance and leading to 118% year-over-year revenue growth.
  • Vishvos and Happy Egg was honored in the Retail Media category, which recognizes its mastery of retail media strategies across multiple channels including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart.
  • The Camelot and Michaels case study was given an award in the Connected Commerce category for working closely with Skai to build an impactful OmniROAS strategy that incorporated both online and offline sales— leading to a 152% spike in year-over-year ROAS.
  • Rakuten Advertising and Backcountry were given the Data Intelligence award for true innovation in leveraging data to meet business objectives through Skai’s Signal Enhancement Tool, increasing profitability and driving strong sales volume, resulting in EBITDA gains.
  • MediaCom and adidas won the Innovation award for its development of a custom bidding solution to boost ad performance through Skai’s automated actions capabilities.

“Ecommerce isn’t slowing down, and marketing investments in shoppable ads are diversifying— search and social spend is up 30% in the last year, and retail media spend is expected to more than triple in the next two years. Many brands and agencies are already figuring out how to work the mix to their advantage while leveraging insights in a privacy-safe way. The Skai 2022 ShopAble Media Awards recognize those that are successfully connecting the dots of commerce advertising for the omnichannel consumer,” comments Margo Kahnrose, CMO of Skai. “We are thrilled to congratulate Stella Rising and Bondi Sands, Vishvos and Happy Egg, Camelot and Michaels, Rakuten Advertising and Backcountry, and Mediacom and adidas for their excellent work.”

Winning entries showcased the business challenge, clear campaign objectives, innovative use of Skai solutions, early adoption of new Skai features and exceptional results that exceed KPIs.

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