Amazon PPC Campaign DSP Program Advertising Business Agency Clear Ads Explains Amazon Conversion Rate

Amazon PPC campaign expert Clear Ads recently explained the Amazon conversion rate on its blog. Its Amazon ad strategies help sellers get more out of their Amazon ads.

Clear Ads, an Amazon-only advertising agency offering top-notch Amazon PPC campaign support, recently published an article discussing Amazon conversion rate in detail. Founded in 2011, Clear Ads has emerged as a globally recognized Amazon advertising agency specializing in PPC and DSP ads. The company helps small and medium-sized companies improve ROI.

The Amazon advertising conversion rate (CVR) represents the number of ad clicks resulting in a sale. Clear Ads explains that this rate varies across product types and is calculated using the formula Total Order Items / Total Clicks x 100. This information is available to Amazon sellers in their Amazon Sales and Traffic Business Report. The Amazon advertising conversion rate provides a variety of product listing insights, including the effectiveness of the listing, ways to improve ranking and evaluation of A/B split testing of listings.

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Clear Ads also provides the following tips for improving the advertising conversion rate.

  • Keywords should be extremely relevant to the product
  • Use of high-quality images, an engaging title and clear, helpful descriptions
  • Joining fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Building a bank of good reviews
  • Running A/B split testing
  • Avoid pricing too high for the market

“The conversion rate could contribute around 20% of the value of your product’s overall ranking, so it’s well worth working on your conversion rate, as it will bolster your visibility, increase traffic and help optimize organic sales for your product, too,” writes Clear Ads.

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