Brands Unite to Display Solidarity with Ukraine

While the world watches in horror at Putin’s attempts to subjugate the Ukrainian people, from Friday 11th March brands are rallying together to display their support for Ukraine and push for peace. They are featuring the Brand Solidarity logo, a Ukrainian flag underpinned by ‘Brand Solidarity’, on as much of their marketing material as possible.

From advertising, websites and packaging to profile pictures, emails and point-of-sale, the objective is to deliver blanket coverage of this message.

Marcel Knobil, founder of Superbrands (the world’s independent brand authority) and creator of Brand Solidarity said: “Rarely in history has there been such a brutal attack on an innocent country and virtually universal outcry against it. Most of us have felt powerless to make a real difference, but we can. By expressing our support for the people of Ukraine in such a highly visible manner, we hope we can help raise their spirits during their darkest of days, and push for peace.”

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Knobil says this simple action will intensify the condemnation of Putin’s onslaught. While many brands have been taking very direct action, featuring the Ukrainian flag on millions of promotional items will show our overt support for Ukraine. Together we have the power to be a force for good.

Numerous pioneering brands (including YO!, Oliver Sweeney, Kirk & Kirk and  Janet Reger) are already collaborating with Brand Solidarity and, from today, Friday 11th March, we urge any and every business, irrespective of size, to request the  Brand Solidarity logo from and use it on as much marketing material as possible, now.

Simon Woodroffe, Founder of YO! Company and a Patron of Brand Solidarity says: “Individually it’s unlikely any one business can affect the fate of a nation, but what if all the brands, all over the world, upload and print the Brand Solidarity logo across all platforms and on all collateral material? We might just get through to people who could help change Putin’s direction of travel. We have to try, but we don’t have much time.”

Other Brand Solidarity Patrons include: Anthea Turner (TV Presenter); Brent Hoberman (Chair, Founders Forum); David Haigh (Chairman and CEO, Brand Finance plc); Jeremy King (Restaurateur); Sir John Hegarty (Founder and Creative Director, The Garage Soho); Sophie Devonshire (Author and CEO, The Marketing Society) and Trevor Beattie (Film-Maker).

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