Catcher Digital Marketing and Flowfinity Deliver Measurable Business Growth for Consumer Brands

Flowfinity Wireless Inc.  published a case study outlining how Catcher Digital Marketing has leveraged Flowfinity’s no-code platform to deliver significant value to the consumer-packaged goods sector by digitizing and automating retail audit and market research reporting.

Catcher Digital Marketing constructs sophisticated online marketing strategies delivered using tactics that produce effective, measurable business growth for their clients in consumer packaged goods and food and beverage marketing.

Consumer packaged goods firms need to adapt strategy and tactics quickly to stay ahead in a highly competitive and fast-changing environment. The key is to have fresh, reliable market data on an ongoing basis and intuitive reporting to make informed decisions.

Catcher creates value by providing the right digital tools to provide timely research, with Flowfinity they have achieved lasting customer loyalty and profitable growth by being highly responsive to ad-hoc marketing program changes.

“We survey retail staff about their brand awareness and product knowledge across our client’s product lines and also perform observations of customer interactions in-store,” explains Paul Allison, Director of Digital Marketing at Catcher. “Our clients need to see and understand trends from that market data quickly to adjust survey criteria and programs accordingly, sometimes on a daily basis.”

With hundreds of Brand ambassadors in the field performing thousands of in store visits every month apps built in Flowfinity help Catcher reduce labour costs by taking the guess work out of nuanced data collection, taking interpretation out of the hands of frontline personnel and into automated reporting applications.

Catcher has found that due to the flexibility of the Flowfinity toolset they have everything they need within one platform to build custom solutions for their clients and gain a significant advantage over competing firms with less advanced digital systems.

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Now Catcher has integrated Flowfinity applications in the field to handle the three pillars of their retail audit programs: Brand Ambassador Management (Staffing), Field Dispatch (Work Orders) and Data Collection (Surveys and Reports).

“It’s great for reporting but also so much more. We’re managing users, dispatching work orders, collecting and manipulating rich data, creating dashboard visualizations, and doing all this on the fly,” says Paul.

The time saved managing staff, assignments, and reporting plus the ability to respond to program change requests instantly has been a game-changer for Catcher. They now leverage their experience with Flowfinity’s automation tools to drive repeatable high value business from their clients and seek new relationships based on their advantage.

“We’re very excited to see how effectively Catcher Digital has leveraged our no-code app development and process automation tools in the CPG sector,” says Marc Simms, Director of Sales at Flowfinity. “We believe this is highly repeatable for other firms in the industry, I suggest that any food and beverage marketers looking to outsource retail audit and reporting should take a close look at Catcher to provide those services.”

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