Dstillery Integrates its Cutting-Edge Targeting Solutions with Basis Technologies

Dstillery (“the Company”), the leader in AI ad targeting, announced its audience solutions are now integrated with Basis Technologies, a global programmatic advertising and media automation provider. The partnership brings proven, AI-driven ad solutions to brands and agencies using the Basis platform for more effective campaigns.

Dstillery’s 10,000+ Pre-built user segments and hundreds of Pre-built models using ID-free technology will now be easily accessible as private marketplaces (PMPs) through Basis. Dstillery’s ID-free is a first-of-its-kind targeting technology that delivers scale and privacy for advertisers’ programmatic ad campaigns by predicting the value of an impression to a brand without knowing anything about the user. Just like AI language models such as ChatGPT learn by predicting the next word in a sentence, ID-free learns by predicting the next website visit in an anonymous user’s online journey.

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The integration will enable users to explore time-relevant data and gain actionable insights into Pre-built audiences in real-time through Dstillery’s Audience Studio. This self-service platform lets advertisers create and easily activate audiences in demand-side platforms (DSP) such as Basis, a top-ranked DSP with an entire programmatic universe of inventory, audiences, and data sets.

“With less data available and fewer addressable users to target, brands will need to adopt new solutions to stay ahead of the game,” said Jennifer Zeghibe, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dstillery. “By establishing a more extensive partnership with Basis Technologies, Dstillery brings our award-winning data science to a broader market, enabling advertisers to achieve more efficient campaigns.”

Brands and agencies using Dstillery’s suite of targeting solutions can also leverage highly predictive search data with Custom Search Lookalikes, which uses patented AI and opted-in, de-identified panel data to bring the power of search to programmatic advertising in a new, innovative way.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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