GlobalLogic’s Roku Channel Partnership Reaches Milestone of 150 Applications Developed

Deep Platform-specific Expertise in OTT Streaming Service Speeds Time to Market for Digital Media Companies

GlobalLogic Inc., a Hitachi Group Company and leader in Digital Engineering, announced that as part of its development partnership with Roku, to date, it has developed 150+ channels on the Roku platform. This milestone is the result of nearly ten years of working directly with Roku application development frameworks and tools. That platform-specific knowledge positions GlobalLogic as a proven developer integral in bringing to market higher performing Roku channels quickly and cost effectively.

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GlobalLogic’s OTT Center of Excellence (CoE) comprises global teams of digital engineers working in the media and entertainment industry since 2013. The CoE’s resources range from specialized application developers and platform engineers to comprehensive digital studios and testing services responsible for taking media supplier content from concept through the cloud to viewers.

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Within the CoE, GlobalLogic hosts a dedicated international Roku Lab to ensure its technological advantages are accessible to all customers regardless of their location. This Lab is responsible for producing the 150+ feature-rich, high-quality streaming solutions currently used across all types of end user platforms and Roku-supported geographies. Specifically, the Lab offers deep expertise working with Roku’s BrightScript framework, templated and customized screen designs, Roku Pay feature, Roku Advertising Framework (RAF), and rigorous certification requirements.

To accelerate deployment of Roku streaming services, GlobalLogic leverages other in-house resources as well such as:

  • OTT solution accelerators: Channel Development and TestLab (automated testing)
  • Quality assurance: best practices and automation tools
  • Cloud testing for performance and scalability
  • Cross-platform app creation reference frameworks

“Streaming is now the primary method for consumers to watch TV, movies, sports and news. This has resulted in increased demand for seamless access to massive content libraries via numerous viewing platforms supported by various monetization models. Add in the fact that audiences are now located worldwide, and we now have a significantly more complex technology challenge for media providers,” said Arun Mukunda, VP and Global Head, Media and Entertainment, GlobalLogic. “Our long-standing relationship with Roku and recent milestones demonstrates our ability to help global brands create and launch direct-to-consumer streaming services to market quickly and successfully.”

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