Inuvo Now Provides Advertisers the Ability to Measure Performance of Netflix Ad Campaigns Across Programmatic Channels

Inuvo, Inc., a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence that serves brands and agencies, announced its ability to deliver access to and measure the performance of Netflix ad campaigns across programmatic channels. The opportunity to leverage Netflix inventory combined with IntentKey’s analytics features presents a truly unique value proposition for advertisers.

Because third party pixels are restricted on Netflix, measuring campaign performance is extremely difficult. Inuvo’s integrated Performance Spend Analysis uses machine learning to determine the optimal spend levels across campaigns and channels including Netflix inventory. The just-in-time results are accessible through the IntentKey Insights Dashboard providing advertisers with out-of-the-box performance visibility into their campaigns.

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“We recognized proving return on ad spend had become increasingly difficult for brands advertising on platforms like Netflix,” said Eric Tilbury, Inuvo’s Senior Director of Ad Operations and Solutions Engineering. “Our IntentKey team developed an innovative measurement solution capable of predicting performance without relying on user identification. For advertisers paying a premium to access the Netflix inventory and audiences, our technology and strategic insights are an invaluable combination that drives results.”

Inuvo designed its specialized measurement capabilities purposefully to address channels like Netflix where traditional platform measurement no longer works. Inuvo’s proprietary capabilities analyze a brand’s investment on Netflix, predicting attribution along the entire funnel ranging from brand awareness to site visits and online sales.

“Our privacy-first AI solution enables us to provide advertisers with the necessary tools to run successful campaigns, while still operating in a completely privacy-friendly manner that honors Netflix’s privacy goals while respecting end users’ privacy preferences,” added Tilbury.

For advertisers interested in the Netflix audience through premium buys, visit to leverage Inuvo’s suite of artificial intelligence solutions.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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