Marketing Architects Unveils ‘Smart Targeting’ to Improve CTV Performance

TV advertising agency Marketing Architects announces a new proprietary capability, called Smart Targeting, to solve some of the biggest targeting challenges facing Connected TV advertisers.

When viewers find ads relevant, they’re more likely to pay attention, engage, and make a purchase, leading to better campaign performance. However, for CTV campaigns, targeting relevant audiences based on third-party data is costly and subject to severe data inaccuracies. Plus, data challenges are only growing as brands continue to migrate away from third-party cookies.

Instead of relying on third-party data, Smart Targeting buys media inventory based on the factors identified as being most predictive of viewer engagement. This allows brands to reach look-alike audiences without paying to target specific user profiles or dealing with incorrect IP addresses.

“Smart Targeting reimagines traditional targeting methods without their usual pitfalls, letting us massively impact campaign outcomes,” says VP Strategy Dan Cleveland. “Learning from qualified, high-intent users has significantly improved performance over traditional targeting approaches.”

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To identify content most likely to be watched by a brand’s ideal customer, Marketing Architects uses machine learning to integrate and learn from site and bid stream data including geography, viewing habits, app usage, daypart, and device type. Then, algorithms are built to identify patterns indicating which factors correlate most strongly with ad engagement.

This solution has shown significant cost savings and a 2X performance advantage over traditional third-party methods. Marketing Architects clients have seen Smart Targeting outperform other targeting approaches, and more clients plan to test it in the future.

“Clients are thrilled at how Smart Targeting has challenged previous targeting beliefs and provided access to a new level of performance,” adds Chief Client Officer Whitney Stratten. “Streaming’s ROI now rivals other top-performing marketing channels, and clients are profitably reaching entirely new audiences.”

Smart Targeting is a result of Marketing Architects’ unconventional and performance-first approach to Connected TV. It is one of many proprietary tools built into the agency’s AI media-buying platform, Annika, which gives clients access to significantly lower streaming CPMs compared to competitors.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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