Nielsen and Experian Expand Agreement to Enhance Identity Demographics

Experian marketing data will enhance the Nielsen Identity System to bring scale and increased accuracy for digital measurement of the open web

Joint effort between companies helps further audience deduplication and enhance demographic reporting across linear and digital platforms on road to Nielsen ONE

 Nielsen and Experian announced an expanded strategic initiative to enhance identity data in the United States for digital measurement of the open web. Experian marketing data assets will enhance the Nielsen Identity System by providing persistent IDs for open web measurement, increasing coverage and interoperability by supporting audience measurement across screens and devices that are consistent and comparable.

Forthcoming cookie deprecation is fundamentally changing the advertising ecosystem. Combined with the deterioration of other digital identifiers, there’s greater emphasis on people-first measurement approaches to accurately count and deduplicate audiences across platforms as well as report on a person’s characteristics, thus addressing advertising waste and fraud.

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Integrating Experian marketing data assets into the Nielsen ID System will further strengthen Nielsen’s ability to match person-level data to devices, increasing the scale and accuracy of demographic distribution for reported impressions for Nielsen’s Audience Measurement and Outcomes products. Advertisers and publishers can use Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) with more confidence knowing the solution leverages a variety of best-in-class data sources that is aimed towards appropriately assigning and deduplicating audience demographics across devices, content and ad exposure. This initiative builds on the two companies’ longstanding relationship where Nielsen is already leveraging demographic data from Experian in Connected TV DAR services.

As part of the Nielsen ID System, the Nielsen ID Graph links billions of first and third party signals which are calibrated against, and validated by, Nielsen’s people-based panels and truth sets. This joint initiative will further position Nielsen to scale its ID Resolution System and deliver deduplicated audiences across linear and digital platforms as part of Nielsen ONE, its cross-media measurement solution.

“This expanded agreement with Experian immediately enriches Nielsen’s Identity System in the US, and showcases our commitment to independent measurement and marketplace interoperability,” said Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Data and Research Officer, Nielsen. “This is an important milestone as we continue to evolve our technologies and methodologies as we move toward Nielsen ONE, underpinning a strong digital measurement capability which helps with the vision of a true cross-platform that measures across all screens.”

“Experian’s goal is to enable privacy-forward identity in the marketing ecosystem, helping brands build smarter audience strategies and powering more robust cross-platform measurement,” said Aimee Irwin, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships, Experian Marketing Services. “We are excited to expand our longstanding strategic partnership with Nielsen, bringing addressability at scale through connectivity and interoperability across the ever evolving identity landscape.”

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