Programmatic Advertising Services: What You Need to Make Big Bucks

What if there’s a way to customize your services and make them visible to your target audience? It’s like finding clients who want your service and hooking them with a glimpse of what you do through ads, converting them into loyal customers. Is it too good to be true? Well, it is now possible to do exactly that, and that’s what programmatic advertising services are all about. Let’s dive in to know more about it.

For many digital marketing experts, programmatic advertising still poses some mysteries. But the truth is, it’s comprehensible. It might be challenging to understand programmatic advertising services because it combines data science, automation, and machine learning. It often seems as though programmatic marketers are speaking a foreign language because of the industry’s well-known use of jargon.

In this blog, we have explained what programmatic advertising services are and why you should consider using them to expand your business horizon.

What are Programmatic Advertising Services?

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital ad spaces in real-time through sophisticated bidding systems.

In the traditional advertising era, advertisers and publishers would negotiate to own a particular space to place their ads for a stipulated period of time. The same trend followed in the early era of online advertising as well. However, both of the processes failed to provide 100% efficiency.

Managing ad space was a common source of conflict for both buyers and sellers. Running successful campaigns was challenging because there were few alternatives available to target advertising, gauge performance, or track ROI. Decisions were frequently made based more on conjecture than actual data. This proved to be quite time-consuming as we had to do everything by hand.

This is where programmatic advertising stands apart. It enables a data-driven concept by utilizing algorithmic software to handle the sale and positioning of digital advertisements in milliseconds. Programmatic advertising services enable organizations to acquire ad impressions on any publisher’s site or applications through an automated ecosystem.

It can be used with many different channels and formats.

The technology matches the requirements of publishers and advertisers using marketing automation and machine learning. To deliver advertising more precisely and at scale, it also integrates site data and cutting-edge targeting techniques. Programmatic services lead to a better ROI as it is the end outcome for both publishers and advertisers.

Advantages of Programmatic Advertising Services

Programmatic advertising services provide a wide range of benefits for businesses and they are listed below.

Programmatic Advertising Services

Wide Platform Reach

Several ad networks and exchanges that support programmatic advertising enable advertisers to reach audiences who were previously unattainable. Also, it accommodates various channels and ad formats. They include digital out-of-home advertising, television, voice, native and social media, mobile, video, and display ads.

Expanded Targeting

Advanced targeting options are provided by programmatic ad buying. For example, interest-based targeting and lookalike modeling assist advertisers in maximizing the relevance of their commercials for a range of targeted consumers.

Real-time data analysis

Through programmatic advertising services, you can track the performance of ads. This enables marketers to undertake tests to improve ongoing efforts and adapt to shifting market circumstances.

Now that we know all about programmatic advertising services, let’s have a look at the prominent programmatic advertising companies.

There are numerous programmatic advertising agencies out in the market providing exceptional programmatic services such as Amobee, MediaMath, Kedet, and much more.

Are Programmatic And Display Ads The Same?

Well, it is easy to get confused between programmatic advertising and display advertising, especially given the advancements Google has made in its real-time and automated bidding abilities.

Simply put, a programmatic ad signifies how a particular ad is bought, while a display ad means how the ads appear to the consumers.

Do Programmatic Services Drive Revenue?

The next question that comes to mind is, are programmatic services worth it, and will they drive any revenue?Well, programmatic advertising services can be a fabulously efficient use of resources and time.

For brands, it’s incredibly appealing to be able to automate media purchases and tailor the delivery of advertisements to viewers. When compared to conventional methods, programmatic buying can frequently stretch advertising budgets further. There is a reason why it currently comprises over 93% of all display advertising expenditures in the UK.According to the State of Programmatic Advertising research conducted in 2020, about 70% of the participants found concrete results from their programmatic campaigns.

Programmatic advertising is relevant in the B2B setting, despite it being discussed more frequently in the B2C setting. Say, for instance, that your goal is to raise brand recognition among C-suite executives. You can work with publishers of industry news to place native advertisements on their websites. According to a 2021 study by Aptitude Research, programming can also be a very powerful tool for jobs like hiring and talent acquisition.

Inspecting Netflix’s Programmatic Advertising Services Idea

Do you know programmatic ad marketing is responsible for more than 80% of digital advertising spending? This means more transparency, relevancy, and growth for your business. Let’s see how big giants like Netflix, Kellogg, Economist, and Stubhub used this marketing method.

Netflix spends a humongous sum of money on programmatic advertising to lure its audience to the OTT platform. Utilizing the real-time data extracted from programmatic advertising, Netflix was able to reach the ideal customers and put out ads regarding the consumer’s favorite shows thereby grabbing their attention.

Another example where programmatic advertising service hits the bullseye is how the Economists got 3.6 Million readers to take action. The Economist is a news source with an emphasis on politics, business, and economics. The Economist has developed a reputation over the last few decades for its series of clever commercials with straightforward yet thought-provoking content. At one point, they were losing readers like raindrops, so David Abbott came up with an interesting campaign.

Programmatic Advertising Services

The team targeted 650,000 people with programmatic digital display advertising to alter their opinions of the magazine.

The magazine had to make sure they were targeting the ideal people in the right places, so page context was important to the campaign as well. These decisions were based on extensive audience data. Advertising was put right next to articles on related topics that their target audience was already reading. The remaining work was completed out of curiosity. Readers subscribed as a result of The Economist’s testing and adjusting.

The Economist took nine days to reach 50% of its target of 650,000 subscribers on a budget of 1.2 million pounds. They generated 3.6 million actions and a 10:1 return on investment for their campaign. This campaign’s second round, which had 8 million engagements, yielded even greater results.

Not only did the programmatic ads enable companies with a way to connect with the lost audience but also increased the ROI by placing the ads next to the target audience.


Programmatic advertising services are the best way to ensure success in your business endeavors. For your programmatic success, it will be essential to comprehend the characteristics and functioning of each platform.

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