Quotient Wins The Drum’s Inaugural Award for Best Use of Programmatic Out of Home

Quotient, the leading digital promotions and media technology company, announced that its won The Drum’s annual Out of Home (OOH) Awards in the inaugural Best Use of Programmatic category for its national omnichannel campaign with TYLENOL®.

“We’re honored to see Quotient’s expansive DOOH network obtain industry recognition from The Drum and to have helped raised awareness among those with certain health conditions to find the pain relief that they needed”

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As part of Quotient’s award-winning submission, the company highlighted a recent multi-layer omnichannel campaign that raised awareness of TYLENOL® as a safe and trusted option recommended by healthcare professionals for those who are not able to take certain pain relievers due to high blood pressure. To do this, Quotient focused the campaign on four client-identified health conditions: high blood pressure, high blood pressure and knee pain, high blood pressure and joint pain, and high blood pressure and minor arthritis pain. To educate consumers on a national scale, TYLENOL® and J3, Johnson & Johnson’s exclusive media agency at UM, activated digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens available on Quotient’s DOOH platform at touchpoints near gyms, pharmacies and other points along the consumer’s path to purchase. By combining Quotient’s ability to target audiences on a granular level with its programmatic DOOH capabilities and extensive national promotions network, TYLENOL® was able to reach the right customers at the right time, and across multiple touchpoints.

Leveraging Quotient’s programmatic and indexing capabilities, the campaign had access to anonymized healthcare data to precisely target and index screens in regions with a high concentration of people with the specified high blood pressure conditions. On top of that data, Quotient layered location data, purchase intent data and third-party data to gain a deeper understanding of the target audience. To further deliver the campaign message at the precise moment, Quotient used its programmatic capabilities to activate DOOH screens that would most resonate with the target audience. Dynamic weather data allowed the campaign to programmatically respond to weather triggers like precipitation, which often coincides with a need for pain relievers.

After making the initial top-of-funnel contact, a $5 reward with the purchase of any two adult TYLENOL® products was made available to further engage and incentivize the target audience. To drive awareness of the $5 reward, TYLENOL® used various Quotient data to target pain relief shoppers with value-hunter personas who would most likely engage with the $5 reward, maximizing the impact of the promotion. The unique pairing of programmatic DOOH media and promotions allowed TYLENOL®, J3 and Quotient to not only reach consumers and generate large-scale awareness but also drive sales with carefully indexed screens and a promotion.

By leveraging Quotient’s extensive DOOH network and unique measurement capabilities, TYLENOL® was able to launch one of its first programmatic DOOH campaigns to reach national scale and precise targeting goals, resulting in a $36.83 return on ad spend and millions in attributable sales. Furthermore, the omnichannel campaign saw 17% new purchasers for the brand and 35% new purchasers to the category.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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