TiVo Launches Suite of Omni-Screen, Data-Driven Advertising Solutions to Bridge Gap Between Linear TV and Streaming

TiVo Xtend™ enables industry to achieve incremental reach, frequency and audience engagement

TiVo®, the company that brings entertainment together and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Holding Corporation, announced the launch of TiVo Xtend™, a suite of end-to-end advertising solutions built on the foundation of TiVo’s first-party deterministic TV viewership data.

“With TiVo Xtend, advertisers can deliver incremental reach with their CTV campaigns and drive more impactful results”

As TV consumption shifts away from linear and towards OTT and VOD, advertisers are seeing their reach decline from traditional TV buys. TiVo Xtend bridges the gap between linear and streaming, allowing advertisers to understand how audiences are engaging with their TV campaigns.

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Since revolutionizing what it meant to watch TV with the original DVR in 1999, TiVo continues to redefine the entertainment experience with innovative technology and customizable solutions, pioneering the future of personalization and making it easier to find, watch and enjoy content. As a real-time data provider, TiVo enables brands, agencies, programmers, publishers, platforms and measurement firms to integrate TiVo’s viewership and TV ad exposure data into their planning, measurement and attribution products and services.

“With TiVo Xtend, advertisers can deliver incremental reach with their CTV campaigns and drive more impactful results,” said Walt Horstman, senior vice president, monetization at TiVo. “Powered by our linear TV viewership data, the end-to-end TiVo Xtend suite enables marketers to optimize outcomes for integrated campaign initiatives using the power of first-party data. The integration of our behavioral data will enhance the effectiveness of audience creation and targeted CTV placement.”

Supported by innovative technology and customizable solutions, TiVo Xtend provides the data and platforms to accurately target audiences across channels.

Key features include:

  • TiVo Xtend Data: Deterministic, first-party viewership data to identify who has or has not tuned into programming or seen a message from a brand or its competitor(s).
  • TiVo Xtend Audiences: Custom or pre-built programmatic audience segments, scaled and tested for precise digital targeting on CTV, PC, tablet and mobile.
  • TiVo Xtend CTV: Premium CTV inventory layered with Xtend or custom audiences to add incremental reach and frequency to linear across 40 million households.
  • TiVo Xtend Dynamic Ads: Dynamic, clickable ads placed within native TiVo Guides to promote content to relevant and engaged audiences.

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