TransUnion and FreeWheel Announce Expanded Partnership to Improve Audience Match Rates in TV Advertising Ecosystem

TransUnion announced an expanded partnership with FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the television advertising industry. The partnership integrates TransUnion’s TruAudience Data Marketplace with FreeWheel’s Audience Manager.

The result is a new solution that allows publishers and programmers in the TV ad ecosystem to greatly improve their audience match rates. It does this by leveraging the FreeWheel Identity Network to better pair TransUnion audience segments with FreeWheel’s inventory sources.

“TransUnion has been a great partner to FreeWheel and together we’re excited to fuel enhanced audience unification across device and inventory,” said Matt Clark, VP of Strategic Partnerships, FreeWheel. “This newly combined solution will help unlock new capabilities for publishers, including faster audience activation across screens, resulting in an improved viewer experience.”

Launched last year with TransUnion as an inaugural launch partner, FreeWheel’s Identity Initiative is an industry offering that enables advertisers to seamlessly connect first- and third-party data to the increasingly wide array of IDs from different platforms and endpoints. The end result is a simpler and more interoperable TV ad ecosystem.

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TruAudience, TransUnion’s line of marketing solutions, meanwhile, transforms marketing and media effectiveness with an end-to-end solution suite integrating identity resolution and enrichment, consumer and media insights, omnichannel targeting, marketing mix modeling, and marketing attribution for brands, agencies, publishers and technology providers.

“Integrating our TruAudience Data Marketplace into FreeWheel’s Audience Manager puts audience data into the hands of publishers and programmers when and where they need it,” said Dave Oliveira, Senior Vice President of Sales, TransUnion. “As we prepare for the future of TV advertising, our data and the audiences we serve in the Data Marketplace will facilitate better connectivity and enable addressability at increased scale for publishers even as legacy third-party identifiers disappear.”

Through the TruAudience Data Marketplace, publishers and CTV programmers are able to identify and monetize audiences with rich consumer, behavioral and propensity data sets to reach audiences across ad-supported premium video services and devices. Underpinned by a patented household graph reaching 80 million U.S. streaming homes, publishers will have advanced targeting capabilities that they can use to activate more campaigns with greater accuracy, speed and scale.

One key feature of the expanded partnership is that publishers can now directly access the TruAudience Data Marketplace through an integration with FreeWheel’s recently launched Audience Manager. With more data at hand, publishers’ and programmers’ match rates improve across their value chain, helping them avoid over-targeting the same households across separate devices and audience definitions.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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