Mindmatrix Leads the Charge in Solution Ecosystem Enablement by powering Solution-based Marketplaces and Ecosystems

Leading sales ecosystem, next-gen PRM and partner marketing solutions provider, Mindmatrix, takes the lead in Solution Ecosystem Enablement by helping build solution-based Marketplaces and ecosystems that drive better business outcomes. Mindmatrix is accomplishing this by bringing Alliances, Partners, internal sellers, CAMs and ISVs together in a solution-based, collaborative marketplace environment to solve business problems.

Since its inception in 1998, Mindmatrix has been at the forefront of solution-driven sales enablement across complex sales ecosystems, pioneering concepts that have reshaped the industry landscape.

In the late 90s, Mindmatrix introduced SolveIT, its first channel solution, with a visionary focus on “solution selling” via SolveIt.com. The innovative approach aimed to educate prospects on how various products and services could come together to address specific customer needs. In December of 1999, Mindmatrix further solidified its commitment to solution-centric strategies by adding 3200 channel partners through its Channel-IT platform. This platform, based on the SolveIT approach, empowered manufacturers to share solutions seamlessly with both direct and indirect channel partners, creating a robust partner ecosystem.

Fast forward to today, and Mindmatrix continues to lead the charge with its game-changing solution ecosystem enablement module, introduced as a part of Bridge 5.0. This module allows partners to leverage the ecosystem marketplace to easily find a solution for a business challenge, based on the desired outcome, and also provides access to all the elements they need to market and sell the solution effectively. This includes the ability to discover and implement advanced marketing and sales strategies, build winning proposals, sales and marketing decks, etc., in relation to the solution they are pitching.

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Breaking down communication silos, the Mindmatrix Bridge solution enablement module brings vendors, channel partners, alliances, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Channel Account Managers (CAMs) together to support effective solution co-selling, co-building, and co-marketing initiatives.

Additionally, Mindmatrix Bridge harnesses the power of AI across various modules. BridgeAI, the AI-driven content generation module, enables users to create dynamic and engaging marketing and sales content effortlessly. Users simply provide BridgeAI with their desired content type, targeted audience, and key message, and the AI handles the heavy lifting. Apart from the internet, BridgeAI is also equipped to utilize data from the company, prospect, or user profiles within the Mindmatrix platform for content generation. Multilingual content creation is also supported in real-time. Mindmatrix Bridge is also equipped with an intelligent content tagging system that allows for easy content retrieval and access of relevant content for marketing a solution.

Mindmatrix Bridge offers customizable and intuitive dashboard reporting functionalities, empowering partners, internal teams, and alliance managers with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Mindmatrix Bridge also provides 3D-enabled solution visualizations using a robust visual representation engine. Using this feature, partners can help prospects to easily visualize solutions within their real-world environments before implementation. They can further enhance the marketing of these solutions by attaching various documents, videos, and other marketing/sales collateral to the 3D visualizations.


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