Mixmax Launches Sales Engagement Platform for Microsoft Outlook

Mixmax, the easiest-to-use sales engagement platform, announced the launch of its new Microsoft Outlook integration. This gives revenue teams using Outlook a new way to prospect, close, and engage customers with the help of AI.

Mixmax helps revenue teams move away from “spray and pray” prospecting by providing intelligent next steps on who to contact, when to contact them, how to get in touch, and what message to convey.

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Revenue teams use Mixmax to:

  • Build pipeline: SDR teams and full-cycle AEs use Mixmax to stand out with engaging multi-channel sequences across email, phone, SMS, and LinkedIn. AI Smart Send suggests the best times to send emails to maximize engagement.
  • Close deals: Sales reps leverage Mixmax to save time with email tracking, contact engagement scores, and real-time alerts when prospects engage with their content. AI Compose within Mixmax helps reps save time when crafting messages for prospects.
  • Engage customers: Customer Success teams use Mixmax to simplify renewals and build and close expansion pipeline. They save time with email templates, reminders, polls, and one-click calendaring. Through Sidechat and automated workflows, they can collaborate with the sales team for smoother handoffs.
  • Save time: By automating Salesforce updates, email follow-ups, and other low-value activities, revenue teams win back their time for selling and personalization.

“We are very excited to launch Mixmax for Microsoft Outlook,” says Olof Mathé, CEO & Co-founder of Mixmax. “In the current B2B sales climate, buyers are harder to reach than ever. Spray and pray prospecting is no longer effective, and we are pleased to meet the demand of revenue teams who need more bespoke, personalized, and engaging ways to reach prospects and customers.”

Mixmax is the easiest-to-use sales engagement platform, transforming the way revenue teams build pipeline, close deals, and engage customers. With time-saving automations, collaboration tools, and personalized outreach, Mixmax is committed to making sales enjoyable—and successful—for everyone involved. More than 90,000 Mixmax superfans from top-performing sales teams rely on the platform daily to hit their revenue goals.


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