Outreach Announces Smart Email Assist, Leveraging Generative AI to Unlock New Levels of Productivity for B2B Sales Teams

Outreach, the leading sales execution platform helping revenue organizations create and close more pipeline, announced Smart Email Assist, a new feature integrating generative AI technology into the Outreach Sales Execution Platform. The move continues the company’s commitment to leveraging AI technologies to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of B2B salespeople. Outreach will provide a preview of Smart Email Assist, along with additional significant new platform capabilities, at Explore+ on March 15, 2023.

“Outreach has a long history of leading the industry with innovation. Integrating generative NLP technologies within our Sales Execution Platform to unlock new levels of productivity for sales teams is just another important step,” said Manny Medina, cofounder and CEO of Outreach. “Today, we’re doubling down on that strategy with the announcement of Outreach Smart Email Assist. We’re removing the burden of starting every email with an empty text window, and allowing sellers to be an editor instead of an author. When every AE has AI at their fingertips, sales leaders will see massive efficiencies across their teams, so they can create and close more pipeline. Our customers keep us accountable to bring the latest innovations that deliver ROI for them – and this is just another example of us honoring our commitments.”

“When every AE has AI at their fingertips, sales leaders will see massive efficiencies across their teams”

Outreach Smart Email Assist is an AI-powered automatic email response generator for sales people. It moves beyond email templates and auto generates accurate and relevant email copy based on the prior context of conversations between buyers and sellers. Sales reps can focus their time on editing and personalizing the AI-generated content, instead of drafting these emails from scratch. Salespeople gain efficiency, without sacrificing quality or the ability to personalize.

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In addition to previewing Smart Email Assist at Explore+, Outreach plans to announce significant new capabilities to its Sales Execution Platform to empower sales leaders to unlock new levels of seller productivity, improve conversion rates, and increase participation and attainment across their teams. Attendees can register for Explore+ here.

Outreach Sales Execution Intelligence captures 25+ million sales execution signals every week, uses 3+ billion signals to train Outreach machine learning models, and surfaces 20+ million deal health insights every week.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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