Quickplay teams with google cloud to unlock the power of generative AI

Quickplay announced that it is partnering with Google Cloud to harness the power of generative AI to create new opportunities for consumer engagement, satisfaction and monetization for the media and entertainment industry.

The latest breakthrough in Quickplay’s multi-year collaboration with Google Cloud leverages defining characteristics of the Quickplay platform – single tenant, cloud-native, microservices, and API-driven – architecture.  When combined with Google Cloud Vertex AI, using simple API integrations, the Quickplay platform immediately enables multiple media and customer use cases, including deep metadata, content discovery, personalization, content creation, process automation, and multi-channel monetization.

Quickplay is partnering with Google Cloud to spearhead access to new AI capabilities that can:

  • Efficiently accelerate time-to-market to deliver targeted AI solutions, maximized against a client specific go-to-market strategy;
  • Create bespoke features and capabilities without the cost and cycles of custom development; and
  • Implement A/B testing to evaluate outcomes and optimize consumer engagement and monetization.

“The clock is ticking: Every streaming executive is feeling the heat to answer the question of ‘How are we leveraging AI and generative AI to improve our business outcomes?'” said Paul Pastor, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Quickplay. “Today, we are showcasing how the Quickplay platform, with Google Cloud Vertex AI, can accelerate the pace of innovation and deliver new revenue opportunities.”

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“When we designed our cloud-native architecture, it was to take advantage of emerging  technology, like generative AI ,” said Juan Martin, CTO and co-founder of Quickplay. “By giving our customers access to AI marketplaces such as Google Vertex AI, we’re accelerating innovation to address customers’ most pressing concerns – revenue maximization, churn reduction, metadata enhancement, user engagement and more – using AI models that have a continuous improvement cycle we aim to drive continued business improvement.”

At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam (Stand 5.H61), Quickplay will unveil the first proof of concept of the combined technologies, that showcases how voice commands, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Quickplay’s award-winning CMS can create an intuitive user interface for seamless content discovery, personalized recommendations, comprehensive movie details, and interactive quizzes. This builds on earlier work in the generative AI space: at NAB 2023 Quickplay showcased how its partnership with Vionlabs, available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, is enabling creation of AI Automated Thumbnails and Preview Clips.

Quickplay’s partnership with Google Cloud is designed to unlock a multitude of opportunities that can improve consumer satisfaction and bottom-line results. These include: augmented ad campaigns; optimal ad insertion points; deep metadata for enhanced discovery, recommendations, automatic clips/highlights generation, multiple length synopses, subtitle translations; conversational content discovery, and more.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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