Resulticks and PathFactory Announce Transformative Partnership to Elevate B2B Marketing and Sales Enablement

PathFactory, the leading B2B content intelligence platform, announced a new partnership with Resulticks, a global leader in customer engagement and connected experiences. This strategic partnership, facilitated by A Next-Gen Holdings, is set to redefine B2B marketing, sales enablement, and audience engagement.

“PathFactory is proud to partner with Resulticks to enable B2B revenue teams to better analyze audience data, accelerate revenue, and deliver more relevant content experiences,” said Dev Ganesan, CEO and President of PathFactory. “This integration combines two powerful platforms, giving customers access to new personalization and targeting capabilities, manageable from a single point.”

The partnership between Resulticks and PathFactory will give businesses a competitive edge in the way they engage with and nurture their prospects. With the integration of Resulticks’ RESUL platform, PathFactory customers will be able to identify and target their most qualified leads and customers, nurture them through the sales funnel and beyond with personalized content, as well as track their progress with robust analytics and dashboards.

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Highlights of the Resulticks and PathFactory partnership include:

  • Personalized Content Experiences: RESUL’s real-time orchestration and PathFactory’s content intelligence work together to provide highly-personalized content experiences for customers, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: By leveraging RESUL’s connected experiences and PathFactory’s interactive content capabilities, businesses can engage customers across multiple touchpoints—both offline and online-–to create a seamless experience that drives better engagement.
  • Enhanced Data Insights: RESUL’s AI-powered analytics and PathFactory’s content engagement metrics provide deeper insight into customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions about their customer engagement strategies.
  • Streamlined Marketing Operations: Businesses reduce the time and resources required to create, manage, and distribute content as well as customer engagement initiatives.

“The Resulticks team is constantly striving to push boundaries and innovate in the audience engagement space,” said Redickaa Sundaram, CEO of Resulticks. “Our partnership with PathFactory and its world-class content intelligence platform is a great step forward in elevating the kind of connected experiences we’d like to deliver for B2B businesses and their audiences.”

Besides Resulticks, PathFactory also integrates with a number of marketing automation and CRM tools, including AEM, Marketo and Salesforce, to help B2B revenue teams grow pipeline and personalize their customer outreach. For more information visit


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