Seismic unveils next generation of AI-powered enablement

Seismic, the global leader in enablement, unveiled the company’s vision for generative AI in enablement, including a high-level overview of its AI roadmap and a new customer community for sharing AI best practices. Seismic’s AI innovation will help go-to-market (GTM) organizations be more efficient and effective by accelerating content development, automating meeting preparation, summarization and follow-up, and personalizing coaching at scale, resulting in faster sales cycles and more impactful delivery of revenue-generating initiatives and programs.

A new Seismic customer survey conducted earlier this month shows that organizations are moving forward rapidly with new AI projects. In the survey, customers shared how their businesses are investing in and implementing AI in their GTM processes and enablement programs. Key insights include:

  • 65% of respondents cite AI as a primary reason for increased enablement investment. Respondents view Sales Content Generation & Optimization as the most valuable use cases to explore and implement for their teams.
  • 52% are currently using or evaluating AI-powered tools within sales enablement processes, with 61% sharing that they are somewhat to very familiar with these tools.
  • Organizations do have some concerns when it comes to implementing AI within their GTM processes, with Security & Privacy concerns (50%) and Lack of Time & Internal Resources (45%) cited as the most common concerns.

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“Enablement is a mission-critical function that turns company strategy into reality, and we believe generative AI has created an industry-defining moment for GTM and enablement teams. It will change everything about the sales process, from prospecting to meeting preparation, content and presentation development, follow-up, training and performance tracking,” said Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer, Seismic. “At Seismic, we’ve already made significant investments in AI to power the entire Seismic Enablement Cloud and will continue to do so. As the market leader in enablement, Seismic views our role as defining how AI will shape and impact enablement for our customers and industry. To that end, we are creating a new, dedicated community to share ideas and learn from each other so we can all shape the future of AI-powered enablement together. Our customers can learn more on Seismic Community and next month at Seismic Shift.”

AI roadmap features innovations that will help shape the future of enablement

Seismic’s AI roadmap includes the following areas of innovation that will be detailed further at Seismic Shift in San Diego on October 23-26, 2023:

  • Discover: Sellers will receive targeted content, answers and information faster than ever before on the Seismic Enablement Cloud. Using free form, natural language dialog, sellers can search across a variety of trusted internal and external sources while respecting all content governance controls. Seismic will also curate content across these sources based on a user’s interests, territory, and other contextual information.
  • Create: Generative AI will power content creation across the Enablement Cloud. For example, rather than manually authoring learning content to test and reinforce concepts, an enablement practitioner can save time by using Seismic to create multi-modal learning paths, assessments and assignments of varying degrees of difficulty.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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