Strategically Seamless: New Orum and Apollo Integration Supercharges Sales Capabilities

Orum, the AI-powered live conversation platform, with Apollo, the leading go-to-market (GTM) solution for sales and marketing teams, announced a powerful integration – one that promises users more revenue-generating conversations with prospects, less tool switching, and more efficiency. The Apollo and Orum partnership brings AI-powered conversations on top of market-leading sales intelligence.

“We’re excited to expand our suite of integrations to include Apollo,” said Orum CEO Jason Dorfman. “As one of the fastest growing and widely used sales technologies, this collaboration with Apollo unlocks endless possibilites for our mutual customers and the sales industry as a whole.”

“Using Orum feels like strapping yourself into a rocketship,” said Josh Garrison, VP of Content Marketing and Product Education at Apollo. “It skyrocketed the number of conversations and meetings my team had with our ideal buyers. With Apollo’s world-leading mobile number data, this is a massive level-up for any sales team.”

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Integrating Apollo and Orum means increased productivity, reduced errors, and improved efficiency for sales teams everywhere. With Apollo’s data, sales teams get more of the right contacts to reach out to at the right time. Paired with Orum’s AI-powered live conversation platform, sales teams can unlock more conversations and book more meetings over the phone, helping teams accomplish revenue goals at a time of rapid change in the GTM landscape.

“Outbound prospecting is the engine that drives revenue,” says Colin Specter, Orum’s VP of Sales. “I am particularly excited about this collaboration’s impact for our users. The synergy between Orum and Apollo equips sales professionals with the tools they need to prospect smarter, engage more effectively, and ultimately drive greater success in their outreach efforts.”

Orum is the leading live conversation platform leveraging AI to supercharge sales teams. Orum automates repetitive tasks associated with calling, instantly connecting sales reps with prospects, and provides insights and analytics managers need for coaching while saving reps hours per day. Orum optimizes sales teams’ workflow with seamless integrations into their existing tech stack, all with enterprise-grade security.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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