Top Sporting Goods Wholesaler Teams Up With Bridgeline

Bridgeline Digital, Inc., a cloud-based marketing technology software provider, announced that their site search product Hawksearch has been chosen by a large sporting goods wholesaler to power on-site search for five of their eCommerce sites.

Recommended by a major player in the sporting goods industry, Hawksearch is quickly becoming the leader in this industry with multiple wins this quarter. The multi-brand wholesaler needed an advanced site search solution that could handle high SKU-count catalogs for each of their sites.

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For an industry that involves sports-specific jargon within a field that has over 800 subgroups, Hawksearch’s ability to understand complex search queries ensures customers find the right product. Bridgeline’s AI-powered site search tool creates a seamless buyer experience by understanding and learning from user behavior to optimize search results, recommendations, and more.

Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline says, “We are looking forward to helping yet another partner in the sports industry leverage our intelligent site search solution to deliver the best products to their customers.”

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