Wishpond Launches Propel IQ, the Company’s Next Generation Marketing Technology Platform

Wishpond Technologies Ltd., a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of Propel IQ, the Company’s next generation marketing technology platform. Propel IQ combines Wishpond’s award-winning software with its recent acquisitions to create one connected platform, providing businesses with a comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use marketing and sales technology platform.

Propel IQ is the most extensive solution offered by Wishpond to date, utilizing powerful technology from all of Wishpond’s different brands.  In addition to Wishpond’s lead generation, email marketing, automation, and marketing technology solutions, Propel IQ includes SMS marketing from Winback, referral marketing from Viral Loops, and sales engagement software from PersistIQ, all integrated together into one platform. Wishpond is also introducing generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in this platform.

Propel IQ is a unique solution that not only helps solve the challenge of fragmented marketing efforts, or managing multiple platforms and tools, but also provides Small-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) with a proven foundation for marketing success, enabling them to compete more effectively and grow their customer base.  Most marketing software solutions are either built for only one step of the customer journey, require too much expertise and time to manage, or are simply unaffordable for today’s SMBs. With Propel IQ, businesses can manage the complete customer life cycle, on one platform, eliminating the need to invest in additional marketing and sales tools.

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Wishpond‘s Chairman and CEO, Ali Tajskandar commented, “We believe Propel IQ is the industry’s most complete marketing technology suite for SMBs.  Instead of having to use multiple tools and systems to attract and nurture customers, businesses can now get absolutely everything they need on our platform.  This is a major milestone for the Company as it truly combines the power of Wishpond’s legacy platform with its recent acquisitions to create a fully connected, unique and seamless marketing solution. Propel IQ offers an enterprise-level marketing and sales platform that small business owners can easily afford and opens a whole new world of growth possibilities for SMBs.”

Ali Tajskandar further adds, “With deeper integration into the client’s business and marketing systems, we believe Propel IQ will increase customer retention and long-term customer value for Wishpond.  Furthermore, the Propel IQ platform takes a software-first approach which we expect will help to improve Wishpond’s margins.”

Propel IQ offers an easy onboarding process that starts each new client with a customized, personalized roadmap to success.  Wishpond’s proven onboarding process includes creating a marketing plan tailored towards the business’s specific goals, where Wishpond’s team helps set businesses up in the right direction before handing over the software to the business owners.  This ensures that SMBs are set up for success from the beginning and can quickly start seeing the benefits of using Propel IQ.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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