Top 5 IT Skills Trending in 2022


The 2022 Salary Guide published by Robert Half recently revealed the top IT skills that companies are looking for. Organizations today are doing everything they can to attract top IT professionals as they struggle to adjust to a tight IT job market.

According to the survey, recruiting in the tech industry is on the rise, with companies reporting hiring “at or above pre-pandemic levels.” Around  52% of those respondents indicated that they planned to add new roles in the coming year, while 80% stated their company’s turnover had increased in the previous year.

IT skills including digital literacy, data analytics, and data visualization are one of the most widely listed skills in job descriptions. This has emerged as a fairly obvious developing trend in the caliber of skills over the years.

Data Administrator and Architect

A database administrator or architect is in charge of developing and maintaining database management software as well as ensuring that data is easily available to those who require it. 

Architects are often responsible for the design and construction of databases, whereas administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of database systems.


Any IT team’s security should be a top priority. As organizations put an increasing emphasis on company privacy and security, information security analysts are in high demand. The IT professionals are in charge of building and executing IT security methods and solutions in order to keep the company’s networks safe.

To identify the IT requirements, the job demands excellent technical and analytical skills. This also aids in the understanding of organizational objectives, as well as the design, analysis, and implementation of IT security solutions.

Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for designing, testing, and maintaining software systems. Working with numerous programming languages such as C#, C++, HTML, Java, Microsoft.NET, and SQL Server, the profession involves coding, designing, and constructing applications, websites, or mobile apps.

Developers must be able to perceive client demands and make recommendations for developing websites, software, and mobile apps in order to ensure that they satisfy user requirements.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing abilities cover everything from designing cloud infrastructure to maintaining it, as per Global Knowledge, and has been one of the most in-demand skills for 2021. Working with cloud technology includes profiles such as a cloud developer, administrator, or architect.

Any cloud architect, for example, is in charge of planning, building, installing, managing, and updating network and cloud projects and applications for an organization. In addition to this, cloud architects often have a deep understanding of several operating systems.


Blockchains are ground-breaking digital databases that enable for decentralized data storage. Blockchain programming was one of the most in-demand skills of last year, according to a LinkedIn survey, and it will continue to be as we move into a new digital era. Blockchain has now made its way into the intriguing world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are expected to make headlines in 2022 as well

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