Dstillery Announces New Patent Related to its Groundbreaking ID-free® Ad Targeting Technology, its 19th Patent Overall

Dstillery, the leading AI ad targeting company, announced that it has been issued its 19th patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent expands on the company’s existing patent protection related to ID-free technology by granting additional protection for its unique machine learning capabilities.

ID-free is a first-of-its-kind targeting technology that delivers scale and privacy for advertisers’ programmatic ad campaigns by predicting the value of an impression to a brand without knowing anything about the user. The technology uses AI to learn from browsing patterns detected in de-identified opt-in panel data.

Just like AI language models such as ChatGPT learn by predicting the next word in a sentence, ID-free learns by predicting the next website visit in an anonymous user’s online journey. The result is privacy-safe behavioral targeting that reaches 100% of ad impressions and can be used to power a range of Dstillery targeting products.

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“It’s our belief at Dstillery that with the right AI methodology, consumer privacy and advertiser effectiveness don’t need to tradeoff. We’ve found this view has broad implications for ad targeting both today and in a data-constrained future,” said Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist at Dstillery. “As we continue to expand the range of solutions powered by our ID-free technology, we see this latest patent as further validation of the uniqueness of our approach.”

Dstillery is widely recognized for delivering innovative, results-driven solutions for media agencies and their brand clients. The company has been honored for data science innovation by industry publications such as AdExchanger, Ad Age, Business Intelligence Group, Fast Company, and IAB Tech Lab.

Dstillery is the leading AI ad targeting company. We empower brands and agencies to target their best prospects for high-performing programmatic advertising campaigns. Backed by our award-winning Data Science, Dstillery has earned 19 patents for the AI technology that powers our precise, scalable audiences. Our newest innovation, ID-free Custom AI, is a privacy-by-design targeting solution that performs on par with cookies without identifiers.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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