Globant Launches Globant GUT, a Creative Network Reinvented by Tech

Globant, a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, announced the launch of Globant GUT, the first creative Network reinvented by tech. The new Network aligns Globant’s previously acquired agencies Habitant, Ad_bid, KTBO, and Vertic with GUT, award-winning global creative agency who became part of the Globant family last November. This new organization will leverage specialist teams spanning advertising, strategy, marketing technology, content, design, media, commerce, and product innovation.

Globant GUT will be led by Wanda Weigert, Globant’s Chief Brand Officer, together with an incredible team of agency founders: Gastón Bigio and Anselmo Ramos, founders of GUT; Pepe Chamorro and Fernando Martínez-Corbalán, founders of Habitant; Sebastian Jespersen and Mads Petersen, founders of Vertic; Jaime López and Jorge Camargo, founders of Ad_Bid; and Armando Ortigosa, founder of KTBO.

Globant GUT Network will comprise 8 Studios, specialized teams of professionals that operate as centers of excellence, innovating and delivering top-notch solutions within  specific capabilities:

  • Marketing Strategy Studio
  • Advertising Studio (operated under the GUT brand)
  • Full-funnel Media Studio
  • Content Studio
  • Marketing Technology Studio
  • Design Studio
  • Product Studio
  • Commerce Studio

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“Our digital first offering has evolved now with the consolidation of an industry-leading one-stop shop for Marketing solutions. We are entering a new era, where we offer beloved brands worldwide the perfect blend of tech, strategy and creativity powered by AI,” said Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer, Globant. “By bringing all of our capabilities together with the powerful GUT brand, we are at the sweet spot, ready to revolutionize the advertising and marketing scene and delight our client’s customers.”

“This is an incredible moment for GUT, as we are executing our ‘Gutsier with Globant’ strategy and accelerating all our dreams,” said Gastón Bigio, Co-Founder and Creative Chairman of GUT. “We now have the tools to work seamlessly across all disciplines to bring clients the very best creativity backed by powerful technology that only Globant can provide.”

“When ad nerds and tech nerds come together, there is no limit to what we can create, and now we will have an even greater ability to bring brave creativity to every aspect of the marketing landscape,” said Anselmo Ramos, Co-Founder & Creative Chairman, GUT. “This is the next step on our journey to become the most diverse, creative, and influential agency Network in the world and moves us even closer to our goal of becoming a Top 5 Global Creative Network at Cannes. We can’t wait to show the power of creative tech.”

“In a world where we don’t go online but live online, brands have unprecedented opportunities to reach the consumer in personalized ways. Understanding and leveraging this opportunity with respect will lead to an intimately integrated and long-lasting relationship between the brand and its customers, or as we call it at Globant GUT, obtain a ‘Share of Life®,'” said Sebastian Jespersen, responsible for the Strategy Studio at Globant GUT.

“With the latest technology and the use of AI, our teams will turn data into insights and actions to get great results for our clients. We are going through a pivotal moment when having a full-funnel Marketing partner is not only good but necessary to create super-personalized experiences, make things run smoothly, and deliver unmatched value”, said Pepe Chamorro, leader of Marketing Technology and Content Studios at Globant GUT.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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