Optable and ID5 Partner to Solve Challenges in Addressable Advertising

Optable, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data management & collaboration platform designed for the advertising ecosystem, announced a strategic partnership with ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, to help publishers and marketers navigate major challenges in addressable advertising.

This collaboration aims to provide publishers, who have already deployed ID5, with new ways to utilize their technology to increase addressability across their properties and grow revenues through collaboration. Additionally, both agency and in-house advertisers will now have the opportunity to execute data clean room based collaborations using the ID5 framework.

“In a time where privacy is on everyone’s mind, ID frameworks are key to making sure data is handled responsibly and can be used effectively for businesses,” said Vlad Stesin, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Optable. “Our partnership is perfect for publishers who want to improve how they reach their audience and amplify revenues, and for advertisers who are interested in working together in safe, clean data environments.”

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This collaboration integrates ID5 into Optable’s real-time Identity Resolution solution, allowing publishers to immediately increase the addressability of their audiences using the ID5 ID to augment their private identity graphs. Further, the ID5 ID is now natively available within Optable’s Data Collaboration solution, enabling both publishers and advertisers to use ID5 as a privacy-safe identifier to plan and buy media through clean rooms. As cookies become obsolete and platforms adjust their identifier practices, the partnership between ID5 and Optable serves as a prime example for the industry, demonstrating how to maintain addressability and run effective advertising in a first-party, data-focused environment.

“The adtech industry is shifting towards data collaboration as the go-to method for advertisers to connect with their key audiences while maintaining privacy standards,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO of ID5. “This collaboration with Optable streamlines addressability for both sides, acting as a bridge in the ecosystem. Additionally, it marks the first time ID5 has been integrated into a first-party identity resolution and data collaboration solution, setting an important precedent for future collaborations.”

“We’re thrilled to be the first to utilize this new strategic partnership between Optable and ID5,” said Charlie Morris, VP of Commercial Data Strategy at Mediavine. “We began our journey to increase addressability over three years ago with the introduction of Grow, our powerful publisher-centric, first party data solution. This collaboration helps us take a significant step forward in enhancing our overall addressability as the landscape of cookie deprecation evolves. Combining Optable’s data management and collaboration platform with ID5’s identity infrastructure, Mediavine can now build and activate unique, valuable audiences at unmatched scale in both programmatic and direct channels. These partnerships not only help us maintain a privacy-first approach, but enable innovative new ways to collaborate with our partners, ultimately driving revenue growth through enhanced audience identification and targeting capabilities.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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