Swayable Awarded U.S. Patent for Persuasion Measurement Technology

Swayable, the company behind the data platform used by the world’s major marketers to pre-test advertising messages, has received a United States Patent for its proprietary technology. Swayable was recognized for original breakthroughs in the use of causal data and machine learning to prove the impact that content has on the attitudes, opinions and intentions of consumers.

Swayable’s randomized controlled trial (RCT) experiments expose two or more distinct response groups to either an inert placebo treatment or test content in order to prove the effect of the test content on consumer audiences. The platform greatly enhances these measurements through proprietary machine-learning population models that deliver its Swayable Impact Scores. These represent the best available evidence of the lift in consumer attitudes that the content can cause, and as such are relied on by brands and their agencies to take central decisions over the choice of messages, creative execution and segmentation targeting.

“This new patent recognizes Swayable’s leadership in the space, advancing what’s possible with substantial steps forward through our original research and development,” said Dr. Valerie Coffman, CTO and co-founder of Swayable. “Our platform enables the world’s top marketers to make persuasion a science, rather than guesswork – delivering insights in 24 hours that weren’t possible even in weeks or months previously.”

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Swayable was founded in 2018 by Coffman and Dr. James Slezak (CEO), both physics PhDs from Cornell University, who saw an opportunity to apply cloud computing and advanced machine learning to understand how campaigns change minds. Since Swayable’s launch, the company has grown very rapidly, driven by an enthusiastic community of users in marketing and social impact, who see Swayable Impact Scores as the gold standard for creative effectiveness.

“Old-school digital marketing can fall in the trap of using the wrong data for important decisions, and wasting enormous resources as a result. People sometimes tell themselves that clicks, likes and engagement represent ‘performance’, even when their goal is to create lift,” said Slezak. “If your goal is brand lift, purchase consideration, intent, or you’re doing any kind of brand marketing, what you’re doing is persuasion. Engagement metrics do not measure that. In fact, they’re not even correlated.”

Persuasion is predictable, and more than ever, brands need tools like Swayable to understand what impact their campaigns will have on audiences. Swayable is powering a major shift in how marketers use data to tell more persuasive stories that boost brand lift.

Swayable is backed by top technology and social impact investors, including Y Combinator. Customers include Airbnb, Square, Paramount Pictures, Amazon, Meta, T-Mobile, DoorDash and other major consumer brands.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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