Instant Messaging App, Frog, Shoots to the Top of the App Store

Frog, the pioneering London-based social media app, has been growing rapidly thanks to its exciting guerrilla marketing campaigns and refreshing “anti-fake” ethos.

Frog, founded by two London School of Economics students, was first released in 2020 and has amassed more than 4 million users on iOS and Android devices. However, the app’s rapid growth is showing no signs of slowing. It skyrocketed to the top of Apple’s App Store with its recent campaigns in London and went viral with users loving Frog’s focus on cultivating genuine friendships.

At its heart, Frog is an instant video messaging app designed to unmask fake friends. It has no filters and no music to distract users from spontaneously sharing memories and messages with friends and family both nearby and around the world.

Frog has a “Check on Friends” feature that gives users insights into who truly cares about them. Each time a friend checks in, Frog users will be notified and asked, “What are you doing?” or, simply, “WYD”. This simple feature makes messages and interactions spontaneous, fun, and – most importantly – real.

Once a user gets the “WYD” notification, they can then reply to their friend with a “SUP” – essentially a video story. Users can also follow friend’s SUPs and create their own with Q&A stickers for some extra fun. Direct messages, Party Mode, and About Me sections all help to keep the conversation flowing. Frog has a unique feature that lets users check whether a friend has revisited a previous conversation.

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Innovative Marketing Campaigns

But it isn’t simply Frog’s impressive feature set that is winning over users. The company’s innovative marketing campaigns are, quite literally, turning heads around London.

Frog’s “The Frame” campaign saw the company erect acrylic board installations on lampposts around London landmarks. Frames were spotted around Parliament Square and Covent Garden and caught the eyes of Londoners.

The transparent acrylic boards showed the app’s slick user interface, but instead of the live videos which are normally captured while chatting to friends, the real world around the lamp posts provided the background.

Another event Frog hosted was a charity graffiti takeover at the Leake Street Tunnel in Waterloo on 30 January and gave artists just 24 hours to capture the feeling of self-expression that Frog engenders.

Another one worth mentioning is their branded wheelie bins pop up around London – including in London Bridge and Covent Garden. Emblazoned with the slogan “no fake friends” in a graffiti-style font, the bins hammered home Frog’s informal, conversational, but confidently self-expressive attitude.

Thanks to its simple user interface and innovative features, as well as its head-turning marketing, Frog has been gaining new users rapidly with communities in London.

Much of our social lives starts and finishes on social media, from the first messages to see which of your friends are around, to uploading pictures and videos at the end of the night, it’s more important than ever to ditch the fake connections and friends, instead concentrating on what’s real and important – Frog is the perfect app for the job.

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