Ampersand Revolutionizes TV Advertising with Next Generation of TV Insights

Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales company, announced the release of its next-generation local and national TV insights, empowering ad buyers to rebalance their TV investments for optimal reach and frequency. Fueled by aggregated data insights from 65 million households, and with a commitment to protecting personal information, these insights will revolutionize the way agencies and their advertisers understand and leverage the combined reach and efficiencies of their local cable, broadcast, and national linear TV ad buys.

With the ever-evolving media landscape, advertisers face the challenge of reaching their target audiences effectively and efficiently. What sets Ampersand’s latest TV insights apart from others in the industry is the unparalleled scale of data insights it offers, coupled with the remarkable speed at which Ampersand delivers reports– in hours instead of weeks. Ampersand’s insights empower brands to make data-driven decisions by offering comprehensive visibility into campaign performance across various channels. Brands can then immediately activate on their findings with Ampersand’s industry-leading inventory, including over 75% of the US addressable HH footprint.

Ampersand’s data insights reveal significant over-exposure of heavy TV viewers in target audiences in both national linear and local broadcast campaigns, prompting the need for a more effective approach to reach more unique households within the client’s target. In national linear campaigns, the strong reach initially achieved quickly plateaus within a matter of weeks, leading to wasteful impressions and exceeding desired frequencies.

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Similarly, while local broadcast campaigns gain strong initial reach, over-exposure remains a common issue as certain households see campaigns up to 10 times more frequently than intended. In addition, Ampersand uncovered that a substantial portion of local broadcast impressions reach audiences that fall outside the planned target audience.

By enabling measurement against strategic first or third-party audience segments, Ampersand gives brands the ability to pull back from waste and disjointed frequency to activate significantly more efficient and holistic national and local campaigns with unprecedented accuracy, resulting in an improved return on investment overall, and up to 20% more reach.

“Our next-generation TV insights mark a significant milestone for the advertising industry as a whole and align with Ampersand’s core value of always simplifying for our clients,” said Andrew Matero, Ampersand’s VP of platform sales. “In economic times like we face today, every dollar needs to work as hard as possible. With these powerful insights, agencies and advertisers can confidently maximize the impact of their TV investments. By leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise, Ampersand aims to reshape the future of TV advertising and empower brands with unparalleled capabilities to reach their desired audiences.”

Ampersand’s advanced technology and robust data infrastructure enable us to provide advertisers with actionable insights at an unprecedented speed, turning what would traditionally take weeks to months into a matter of hours or minutes,” said Steven Pearson, Ampersand SVP, Data Science and Data Engineering. “This accelerated timeline empowers brands to make agile and data-driven decisions, maximizing the impact of their TV campaigns and staying ahead of the competition.”

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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