AnyClip Launches Engage+ at CommerceNext, Bringing AI-Powered Shoppable and Interactive Capabilities to Video

New Tool Allows Retailers and Publishers to Drive Action and Conversion Directly within Video Content

AnyClip, the AI-powered video management platform for business, announced the launch of Engage+, a new interactive feature now available as part of the company’s Genius+ advanced video solution.

With Engage+, online retailers and publishers are able to drive immediate action and conversion through AI-powered video. It does this using AI to analyze the innate data in video – identifying people, brands/logos, products, topics, and more – and then automatically prompting viewers with relevant offers or actions (based on the desired campaign parameters set by the retailer) when specific data or other criteria are present within the content. Consumers are therefore engaged at the very moment they’re most interested in a product or service, and likely to make a purchase or take other action.

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Along with the ability to create high-performing offers and calls-to-action with interactive video overlays, i.e., generating shoppable links to drive traffic to product pages – Engage+ can also be used to unlock gated content, promote live events, embed forms and surveys, along with other actions that boost revenue, amplify audience engagement, and increase time spent on a company’s website or owned media channels.

Engage+ is a feature of AnyClip’s Genius+ advanced video solution for business, which also include:

  • Watch+ (customizable video experiences)
  • Live+ (enabling live events and “life after live” curated video-on-demand playlists)
  • Search+ (AI-powered in video search)
  • Players+ (smart video players and more)

AnyClip’s proprietary Visual Intelligence Technology™ converts traditional video into smart video – making it searchable, discoverable, measurable, personalized, collaborative and interactive. By harnessing the innate data in video, AnyClip automatically mobilizes latent video libraries and converts them into high performance assets via a single, centralized global SaaS platform.

“We are just scraping the surface of what is possible with video. Engage+ is a leap forward for interactivity, powered by AI, and we at AnyClip are excited for our customers to see the impact it can have converting viewers into active buyers using our unique v-commerce capabilities,” said AnyClip Chief Revenue Officer Kristi Gaudioso, who is speaking at CommerceNext in New York on June 22 at 2:30 p.m. ET, on a panel entitled “Making Livestream Shopping a Part of Your Retail Strategy.”

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