Conquer The Digital Space: Virtudesk Officially Unveils Social Media and Design Virtual Assistant Services

One of the country’s leading pioneers in providing virtual assistant solutions, Virtudesk, is making waves once again with the announcement of two of its latest services: Social Media Virtual Assistant and Design Virtual Assistant. These latest major decisions by the company are specifically introduced to empower businesses to elevate their online presence through technical efficiency and visual branding alongside its dedicated remote professionals. The services are set to be available starting today.

In a world where users spend the majority of their time scouring the internet, the need for businesses and entrepreneurs to maintain an active and engaging social media presence quickly became a necessity to increase their chances of being noticed by their respective markets and succeed. Virtudesk’s introduction of these services is part of the company’s commitment and pursuit of helping businesses across the country gain the ultimate solution to this modern challenge in the landscape of digital marketing and design.

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“We’re aware of the growing changes in the market. That’s why part of our mission ever since is to help businesses with innovative and effective solutions that would help them succeed,” said Pavel Stepanov, CEO of Virtudesk. “With the launch of our Social Media and Design Virtual Assistant services, we are doubling down on that commitment. These services will equip businesses with the current tools and support they require to help them expand their reach in the digital space.” Stepanov added.

Under the Social Media Virtual Assistant service, clients can acquire a dedicated remote professional who can take on various social media-related tasks, including content creation management, which covers developing a content calendar, crafting captions, conducting research, community management, and more. While on the creative side of operations, a Design Virtual Assistant can take on any tasks related to elevating a company’s online presence through informational and effective branding materials.


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