Maris-Tech Launches its Flagship Product- The Jupiter-AI, a High-End Multiple-Stream Video Platform with Edge Artificial Intelligence Acceleration

Maris-Tech Ltd, a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, announced today the development completion of its flagship product, the Jupiter-AI.

Maris-Tech has already received initial orders for the Jupiter-AI as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution and as a ruggedized platform within enclosure (the Opal), as well as for its derivatives, that vary in terms of video interfaces and mechanical structure.

The Jupiter-AI, a tight and efficient integration between Maris-Tech’s Jupiter-Nano and Hailo’s Hailo-8 an, up to 26 TOPS (Tera-Operations-Per-Second) AI accelerator, provides an ultimate hardware and software solution for remote platforms’ video streaming, recording, debriefing and AI at the edge, named “Maris Edge.”

We believe the main features of the Jupiter AI are responsive to the rapidly growing demand for (all in a single platform):

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miniature and light;
low power;
multiple- video sensors;
high video quality over narrow-band wireless networks;
low-latency streaming; and
powerful deep learning and AI acceleration enabling object detection, classification, tracking and other customers’ AI requirements in high framerate.
“We are pleased to announce the on-schedule launch of our Jupiter-AI platform and are very proud of its performance. This is a significant milestone that we believe places Maris-Tech at the forefront of the edge video and AI technology with a solution that is responsive to the remote platforms’ market needs. The Jupiter-AI is competitive in all parameters and as such may have significant influence on our future business,” said Israel Bar, Chief Executive Officer of Maris-Tech.

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