PlayerWON Presents Unique In-Game Video Advertising Platform at First-Annual IAB PlayFronts

The PlayerWON Model Allows Brands to Break Through with Elusive Audiences Via TV-Quality Video Ads in Hugely Popular Console and PC Games

PlayerWON™, a division of Simulmedia, presented its innovative in-game video advertising platform for free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games at the first-annual IAB PlayFronts yesterday.

With time spent playing video games increasing substantially in recent years, according to Nielsen, gaming has become the top recreational activity over both linear TV and streaming for the male 18-34 demographic. Brand advertisers are in search of an engaging and scalable manner to connect with this passionate but extremely elusive audience.

PlayerWON’s groundbreaking model gives brands access to exclusive in-game inventory that allows them to extend their reach beyond television and deliver premium TV-quality creative to this highly valuable audience. Players can receive in-game rewards or currency in exchange for electing to view immersive, full-screen video advertisements (which are often the same 15-, 30- or 60-second creatives that brands are already running on linear or connected TV). The result is a surprise-and-delight experience for gamers that is proven to drive brand awareness and brand affinity for advertisers.

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Gamers have 200% more purchasing power than non-gamers, according to Newzoo, and proprietary surveys and brand-lift studies from PlayerWON found that players who chose to watch video advertisements delivered via this platform reported a 306% increase in purchase intent, a 97% increase in brand perception and a 43% increase in brand recognition.

Thanks to PlayerWON, brands can unlock incremental audiences by placing their ads in top 20 F2P console and PC games — the industry’s fastest-growing category, whose devoted players vastly outnumber the consumers of most TV series and movies — with seamless campaign activation, management and reporting.

“With PlayerWON, brand advertisers have a unique opportunity to deliver compelling, TV-style video ads to consumers that are almost impossible to reach otherwise. Gamers love receiving cool rewards that enhance their playing experience. And for developers, this creates a new revenue stream, while also driving player retention, lifetime value and in-game spending,” said Dave Madden, President of PlayerWON. “Everybody wins!”

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