Appy Pie announces App Builder 3.0 with 40% off on all new app subscriptions.


Appy Pie launched App Builder 3.0, a new and evolved version of their no-code app development platform. The new version brings with it some brand new features, evolved User Interface and User Experience, valuable tools, and incredible ease of use. The launch is accompanied by a 40% discount on every new app subscription, which can be availed at the checkout using the coupon code HAPPY40.

The platform has evolved to enhance the user experience by making all the features, tools, options, and more available on the same screen. “The menus are all easy to access, the layout is even more intuitive, and the features are laid out in a much simpler, logical manner,” says Abhinav Girdhar, Founder and CEO of Appy Pie.

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The new auto-save functionality saves every change or update to the app, meaning the users don’t lose any data if they leave the platform without manually saving the changes. The moment they click Publish, they can see the changes reflected in real-time on the app. Another functionality of the platform that protects the app users from any blunders and data loss is the availability of different versions saved at different times. The app users also get to see when the feature was last published.

Mr. Girdhar further talked about the new launch, “Whether you want to manage specific features, different subscription plans, or any other aspect of the plan, you can do it all from the app editor.” This means whether the users want to add a new feature, edit an existing feature, delete a feature, or work on any other aspect of the app, they do not have to leave the app homepage. There is no need to go to the back end just to manage or edit a premium feature.

Appy Pie also upgraded one of its most popular features – Folders. This upgrade will make it possible to add folders within the folders helping the app users organize their app data and other features more efficiently.

Yet another important development on the platform is the business dashboard for the app owners. This dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of the entire business along with controls over their business website, app, domain, and GWS from one common space. Customers can head to Appy Pie, subscribe for a new app plan, and use the coupon code HAPPY40 to avail of the 40% discount.

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