WeDream Augmented Reality App Now Available For iPhone and Android


WeDream, the world’s first smartphone-based augmented reality social metaverse platform, announced that the WeDream App is now available for download, bringing the metaverse to millions of consumers and an entirely new way to connect with friends, creators and colleagues for entertainment, business and commerce. The app is available on both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices, and the launch comes in anticipation of WeDream’s three-day immersive event, Dream Festival, scheduled for Sept. 29 – Oct. 1. Inaugural users of the app must use the invitation code 092922 when creating their WeDream account to gain early access to the app.

“The future of the metaverse begins today as literally millions of consumers gain easy access to an augmented reality experience that has been limited to tech insiders and early adopters thus far,” said Peter Calfee, President of WeDream. “With the launch of the WeDream App, the metaverse is no longer an out-of-reach mystery to the average consumer but a tangible option for exploration, discovery and connection. Bringing those people in and essentially democratizing access to the metaverse is one of our primary goals.”

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WeDream’s mission is to merge the physical and virtual worlds in order to enable more people to create and engage with each other in augmented reality. The WeDream App powers this new social media experience, providing access to the metaverse through the convenient and familiar interface of a smartphone. When engaging in “Dreams,” including social hangouts, games, business collaboration, immersive performances and beyond, WeDream empowers those using the app (or “Dreamers”) with a set of innovative tools and infrastructure to utilize augmented reality however they see fit.

Dreamers on the platform first begin by customizing their avatar, then they can create a new “Dream” or enter an existing one within the platform. This is similar to “worlds” or “servers” commonly known in many online games today. Once they enter a Dream, they are linked to other Dreamers in the same virtual space, where they can connect and interact with people across town and around the globe in free, ticketed or subscription-based experiences. Artists and creators in WeDream can customize their surroundings to create unique spaces, and develop new objects and interactions that they can then sell to other Dreamers. Creations on the WeDream app are developed as NFTs, providing a chain of custody, giving creators a verified marketplace to be compensated for their creations.

“We believe the WeDream marketplace of digital goods and services will be a huge attraction for so many creatives. It really puts the power of this new, limitless economy into the hands of the masses,” Calfee said. “WeDream provides the infrastructure. Creators can make and sell unique gadgets, environments and interactions in the form of NFTs. It is going to be an amazing experience to start sharing all of WeDream’s capabilities with folks during the upcoming Dream Festival.”

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