Veritone Creates AI-Driven Revenue Opportunities for Enterprise Media & Entertainment

Veritone, Inc., creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform, has announced an extension of its work with Amazon and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support its Media & Entertainment (M&E) customers. Last year, Veritone joined the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative that helped content creators, rights holders, producers and distributors easily identify industry-specific AWS capabilities and accelerate transformation across five key industry innovation centers. By continuing to support the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative, Veritone reaffirms its commitment to modernizing how IP owners of all sizes produce, distribute and ultimately monetize their content.

“With Veritone, we can combine our skill sets and capabilities to offer a revolutionized way to create and monetize content no matter where creative workforces are located”

Veritone brings a portfolio of content-enabling technologies and services that, when running on AWS, allows for end-to-end production in the cloud. With aiWARE as the enterprise platform, companies can build and deploy AI-powered workflows while seamlessly integrating with their current datasets, applications and processes.

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“Working in lockstep with AWS allows us to deliver the most current content production, management and monetization tools, which help M&E customers to overcome the challenges of processing digital content at greater speeds and depth with metaverse and Web3 activations,” said Ryan Steelberg, president and co-founder of Veritone. “Combining the power and scale of AWS along with our aiWARE technology, applications and services ensure that IP owners and content creators have a complete arsenal to create and maximize revenue opportunities regardless of where they exist or appear.”

“With Veritone, we can combine our skill sets and capabilities to offer a revolutionized way to create and monetize content no matter where creative workforces are located,” said Chris Blandy, global leader of strategy and business development for media & entertainment, AWS. “Leveraging Veritone’s AI platform on AWS, content creators and distributors are unlocking new ways to monetize existing libraries and create more engaging programming. The demand for content is not slowing down, and having the ability to identify and access the right asset immediately is essential for meeting the demanding pace of production.”

Veritone and AWS magnify benefits for Media & Entertainment organizations

With aiWARE serving as a foundation to incorporate AI and intelligent workflow capabilities into a content production environment, M&E brands can leverage aiWARE-based applications on AWS, such as Veritone Digital Media Hub, to streamline the management of unstructured data to activate the monetization of their vast media archives. By automating metadata tagging and creating intelligent and actionable media data lakes, content creators can efficiently uncover valuable content and ensure new assets do not become lost, allowing brands like the San Francisco Giants and CBS News to activate decades worth of content.

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