Virtual Environments Platform ‘Gamerjibe’ Rebrands as ‘Inverse’ to Build the Onramp to the Metaverse

Gamerjibe, a 3D virtual environments platform, is rebranding and has changed its name to ‘Inverse’ as part of its strategy to bring more brands and their audiences into the metaverse. The new name reinforces its mission to make people’s day-to-day virtual experiences more fun and engaging. It further reflects how they enable brands to go into the metaverse in a way that is the inverse of traditional videoconferencing and virtual meeting tools, aiming to be richer and more effective than tools such as Zoom.

Formerly focused on enabling immersive virtual events, Inverse is extending its platform capabilities to include robust metaverse worlds, blockchain-powered assets, and tokens that can be customized to a brand’s specific needs.

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Inverse’s Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform is paving the way for brands to build community engagement using an immersive and engaging 3D metaverse that enables people to have effective interactions with other people and to find more relevant content by uniquely gamifying social activities and content discovery.

Inverse offers brands a no-fuss, easy onramp to Web3 where they can tap into the latest technologies including NFTs, personalized avatars, and virtual meetups. Inverse uniquely caters to a growing need for better connectivity and consumer engagement online. Brands can build a virtual destination using Inverse’s turnkey portal to easily integrate brand assets like logos, graphics, and 3D models and host rich digital experiences for global audiences. Brands can onboard their communities into their new metaverse and reward them for interacting with content and each other.

Some of the active metaverses hosted on Inverse include the Ethereum virtual castle hosted by ETHDenver, the largest and longest-running ETH event in the world, and DYGYCON, a convention-themed metaverse featuring crypto and blockchain projects, presentations, giveaways, and community networking that is organized by Splinterlands, the popular play-to-earn NFT card trading game.

“We are thrilled to be pushing the envelope of the metaverse by working with groups like ETHDenver and Splinterlands. By providing an accessible and rewarding experience through Inverse, people can improve their daily interactions with others and their favorite brands,” said Joe Lee, CEO of Inverse.

The new name and brand are better aligned with Inverse’s metaverse competencies, providing robust turnkey solutions to go from concept to metaverse in minutes. Gaming companies like Gala Games and fashion brands like MCM are also on the roster of partnerships for Inverse in addition to Scopely among others.

Inverse is on the rise to lead the widespread adoption of the metaverse, an industry with no signs of slowing down. Now’s the time when brands are actively experimenting with the metaverse as they compete for attention and uncover better ways to connect with consumers online.

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