Andromo, No-code Mobile App Builder, Launches an eCommerce package for Shopify store owners to increase sales and customer interaction.

Andromo, a global SaaS platform, is a leading mobile app builder. It has created a simple solution using which users can turn their Shopify stores into mobile apps with a few simple clicks without a single line of code and bring the shopping experience for customers to a new level.

In this way, Andromo declared its plans to develop in the direction of mobile e-commerce apps, along with its rich experience in creating content and small business apps. The new product is a type of subscription (monthly and annual) by purchasing which the user gets a unique opportunity to create a mobile app for his Shopify store at Andromo mobile app builder.

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According to Statista , retail sales growth tends to reach 6.3 billion US dollars in 2024 compared to 1.3 billion in 2014.

In 2021, e-commerce growth as a digital category was primarily driven by mobile commerce. In fact, eMarketer estimates that in 2021, mobile will make up about 73% of all e-commerce sales; as recently as 2016, it represented 52.4%. This means that almost three out of every four dollars spent on online purchases come from mobile, which is accelerating.

The mobile app shopping experience is a unique way to grab and hold an audience longer. It gives a lot of advantages to store owners. One of them is direct interaction with customers through push notifications. They allow shop owners to stay connected with customers and deliver personalized content, product promos, and new item announcements.

In addition to the standard data transfer from the store to the app via API, Andromo users are provided with unlimited app customization and design opportunities. They can create custom pages with additional text, photo, video, and audio content, product video reviews, add an Instagram feed with products and create customers’ accounts in the app, communicate with customers via app chat, and analyze users’ behavior with the Firebase analytics tool.

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