Skylytics Develops Social Networking App

Skylytics Data, which focuses on Analytics, IoT, and AI, partnered with Olivia DeRamus to create the Restless Network social networking app.

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Led by President Mike Ormerod, Skylytics worked with Restless Network resulting in a ground-up build of the Restless Network app.

“Traditional social media hinges on likes and followers to interact with others and gauge success. We built an app that enables women to express themselves, ask questions, and share knowledge through prioritizing features that enhance user well-being, protect their safety, and encourage a culture of support instead of comparison,” Ormerod said. “We were proud to support this women-run organization.”

Skylytics delivered iOS and Android apps plus analytics running and operating in Microsoft Azure.

Olivia DeRamus, founder of the Restless Network ( said, “As a tech outsider I knew that working with the right developer would be key in making my vision a reality. It was clear from day one each Skylytics team member felt passionate about our mission to empower women.”

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