Current Partners With URLgenius to Accelerate Ecommerce Marketplace Traffic for Brands

Current, a Pattern company and the leading influencer marketing platform for ecommerce, has partnered with leading deeplink marketing platform URLgenius to help brands further accelerate in-app traffic to storefronts and online product listings.

The move will bolster the technology powering Current’s influencer marketing platform, helping brands drive category-leading traffic and conversion for product listings on D2C websites, global marketplaces, and other digital channels. URLgenius’ patented deeplink marketing tools reduce friction for consumers in their journey from social platforms to online marketplaces.

“Removing friction in the customer journey from product discovery to purchase is a key consideration for brands,” said Current President Trygve Jensen. “We’re excited to partner with URLgenius to help consumers get to product listings even faster.”

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Current’s platform helps brands build high-impact ambassador programs from millions of creators, produce authentic content at scale, measure influencer-driven sales and return on spend, and manage creator payouts. Global brands—including Spotify, Oura Ring, and Olive and June—already leverage Current to drive accelerated traffic and conversion for their products online.

“Combining Current with URLgenius delivers a powerful solution for brands that want to quickly scale their marketplace revenue via social media,” said Founder and CEO of URLgenius Brian Klais. “We look forward to working with the Current team as we propel brands to new heights of revenue growth and measurable ROI.”

As the leading codeless platform for linking into and out of brand and social apps, URLgenius is trusted by thousands of marketers around the world with support for over one billion marketplace and social app screens. Brands using URLgenius links in their social media campaigns for marketplaces are driving 2-5x higher revenue when compared to regular marketplace web URLs while affiliates are seeing the same results in the form of increased commissions.

In addition to an immediate, measurable boost in sales, URLgenius links also drive remarketing opportunities as attribution tags (brand or affiliate) are passed into the retailer’s app. The increase in consumer interest signal multiplies funnel opportunities leading to increased sales velocity and even higher on-site product rankings over time.


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