Tiger Pistol Launches New Capabilities for Targeted Instagram and Facebook Reels Ads

Tiger Pistol, the leading local social media advertising platform, recently announced an innovative product enhancement that puts advertisers firmly in the driver’s seat of their Instagram and Facebook Reels placements.

This new capability enables users to designate tailored ad creative specifically for Reels, rather than adapting a single creative for all placements across Meta. This enhancement empowers Tiger Pistol users to strategically control the placement and quality of their creative, introducing a new era of hyper-localized Reels placements at scale. Using the platform’s placement module, users can choose “Instagram Reels” and/or “Facebook Reels” to craft campaigns exclusively for Reels with pinpoint accuracy.

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This innovative advancement, together with Tiger Pistol’s recently announced TikTok integration, offers marketers the opportunity to fully leverage vertical video as part of their broader local social strategy.

“Our mission is to streamline large-scale social media advertising with advanced automation that prioritizes flexibility, versatility, and seamless collaboration to meet advertisers’ distinct business needs, facilitate customer connections, and drive sales,” said Sarah Cucchiara, VP of Business Development at Tiger Pistol, “With this latest enhancement, we’re putting the power of precise Reels placements directly into the hands of our users, eliminating guesswork and enabling targeted campaigns and cross-platform testing like never before.”

Tiger Pistol clients now have the tools to supercharge their end-user engagement with Reels-specific campaigns, better enabling the trend of investing in vertical videos.

  • A staggering 90% of advertisers worldwide are poised to ramp up their investment in short-form vertical videos this year.
  • Vertical videos boast an impressive 90% brand recall rate, eclipsing the 69% figure for horizontal videos.
  • Instagram Reels has fueled increased interaction on the platform, with engagement rates surpassing other content types by 35%.
  • Instagram Reels generate 55% more interactions than single-image posts and 29% more than standard video posts.

Cucchiara emphasized, “This enhancement aligns perfectly with the evolving landscape of social media advertising. By providing full control over Reels placements, Tiger Pistol is empowering marketers to maximize their impact and drive exceptional results.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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