Tinuiti Acquires Ampush, Unlocks New Level of End-to-End Performance Social and Creative for Clients

Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV, Google, Meta, and Amazon, announced its acquisition of Ampush, a leading growth marketing agency with a core focus across social platforms that provides end-to-end performance creative and customer acquisition capabilities. The acquisition expands and complements Tinuiti’s already industry award-winning paid social capabilities, in addition to now providing clients access to distinctive end-to-end social, creative and measurement capabilities that leverages data through industry-differentiated technology.

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Founded in 2010, Ampush is based in New York City with nearly 90 employees, with an additional presence in San Francisco and remotely. Ampush partners with fast-growing e-commerce and subscription commerce brands including Instacart, Blenders Eyewear, and STARZ. Ampush quickly made a name for itself by catapulting digitally-native brands to new levels of profitable customer growth. The Ampush tech stack and social capabilities has proven the ability to use novel technologies and tactics to connect the right consumers with the right brands.

The acquisition brings Tinuiti clients:

  • Performance Creative for Social: Agile creative production including access to graphic designers, videographers, UGC-content production, proprietary content sites, and influencer relationships to optimize messaging for growth.
  • Customization throughout the funnel: Rigorous testing and optimization of the connection between “pre-click” ad creative and audiences, with “post-click” curated landing pages, checkout flows and personalized experiences.
  • Analytics that unlock strategy: Proprietary tech that integrates across any data source and empowers teams to use client-specific insights and find otherwise invisible strategies to win. Unique and advantageous solutions to build an edge in marketing.

Zach Morrison, CEO at Tinuiti, said: “With Tinuiti’s acquisition of Ampush, we’re unlocking a new level of social capabilities for clients designed not only for today’s landscape, but for long term success – an end-to-end offering with expertise that combines creative with differentiated landing page technology and data. Not only are they the right business fit, they are also the right cultural fit who shares similar values and core philosophies for creating employee happiness and establishing an environment that empowers its employees with a culture of ownership.”

This deal was facilitated for Tinuiti by New Mountain Capital, while PALAZZO served as exclusive financial advisor to Ampush. This deal marks the third acquisition since 2021 for Tinuiti, following the purchase of The Ortega Group, an Amazon-specialist agency in March 2021, followed by Bliss Point Media in August 2021, formally launching Tinuiti’s Streaming+ division. Ampush CEO Jon Oberlander, will lead the Tinuiti Social Division as EVP, Social and report to Tinuiti’s Chief Solutions Officer, Obele Brown-West.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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