Fanbase Social Media Inc. Announces Fanbase Camps

Starting, Fanbase Social Media Inc is launching Fanbase Camps. Fanbase Camps is the extension of the Fanbase audio experience. Each camp is dedicated to an individual topic and can host multiple audio chat rooms pertaining to that topic – a one shop stop for your favorite conversations. You can either join a pre-existing camp or create your own, the choice is yours.

Camps are designed for users to build community around their favorite conversation and topics with like-minded people. Build audio camps around sports, music, fashion, relationships, whatever you like.

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Fanbase audio camps takes community building to the next level. We look forward to the enjoyment that users will have building and joining their own camps,” said Isaac Hayes III, Founder and C.E.O of Fanbase.

Enabling users the opportunity to have an ownership stake in Fanbase is a critical alignment with Fanbase core values. Our users drive the success of Fanbase thru their activities and engagement. Opening up the investment for users in our 3rd and final equity crowdfunding round (currently at $950k) supports a core tenant of the Fanbase mission.

Fanbase is leading the next frontier of social media, placing fun, visibility, and monetization capability at the forefront to the benefit of all users. Fanbase believes that users deserve the right to make money from their social content, they have the opportunity to create enormous consistent monthly revenue via their audience and increase authentic user engagement among their most interested followers. Fanbase users can post photos, videos, short form videos, create audio rooms, stories, broadcast live and post long form content to the platform to engage with audiences in a multitude of ways.

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